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Few resources have been the focus of more attention than oil, the lifeblood of the modern world.
Those that debauch the currency dilute the lifeblood of the economy until it dies of suffocation.
More and more of the nation is having its economic lifeblood drained.
Volunteers are the lifeblood of a presidential campaign.
Creating new economic value from unthinkably large amounts of information is its lifeblood.
So remittances, the lifeblood of many families and a big source of income for the country, have fallen sharply.
Advertising, the lifeblood of many broadcasters, is difficult to do globally.
Risk, the lifeblood of the entrepreneurial economy, is becoming something to be avoided.
The public is vital, as they are the consumers and the lifeblood of any and all markets.
But copyright is lifeblood to an artist in a way it isn't to a software developer.
Electronic communications networks are becoming the nervous system of the economy, even if shipping remains the lifeblood.
Printers remain the lifeblood of the home and office, but you really want them to do more in exchange for the desktop real estate.
Respect is the lifeblood of the teaching profession.
In so doing, the agents may be able to cut off cancer's lifeblood.
Salmon fishing and tourism are this city's lifeblood.
It's been a part of the lifeblood of this community.
They also are the lifeblood of today's labor movement.
Exclusivity is the lifeblood of the industry because it means that no other company may sell the same drug for a set period.
These online communities are the lifeblood of software applications.
In neither county, as you travel through, do you get the impression that wine is the livelihood and lifeblood of the countryside.
The lifeblood of the plane-oil, hydraulic fluid, and hundreds of gallons of fuel-slopped about on the surface.
After all, photo-ops are the lifeblood of the film festival, and you don't want to be snapped in the same outfit twice.
Advertising revenue is the lifeblood that makes it possible for us to bring you the newspaper.
Garcia insisted that live performance was the lifeblood of his band's music, and created a template for the jam-band culture.
These things suck the lifeblood out of our tax revenues from areas they were not intended to be used in.
Our island environment is not only the basis for our quality of life, it is also the lifeblood of our economy.
Information is the lifeblood of the health care delivery system.
Transportation is a great enabler of economic growth, the lifeblood of commerce.
However, bingo is the lifeblood for some organizations and the main purpose for their existence.
Transportation and energy are the lifeblood of the global economy.
The lifeblood of the fishery is the basin's annual flooding and dewatering cycle.
Accurate information is the lifeblood of the securities market.
They are the ones who make up the numerous boards and commissions which serve as the lifeblood of any successful community.
The railroad became the lifeblood of the community as trade and opportunity grew from abundant farming and timber resources.
Research and development is the lifeblood of innovation and is vital to national security.
The lifeblood of the examination program, though, is its on-the-job training.
Affordable energy has been and will continue to be the lifeblood for entrepreneurs and job creators in our economy.
Global trade deals with the sourcing, purchasing, and delivery of goods and materials that are the lifeblood of your business.

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