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Average life expectancy, today at an all-time high, could in our generation increase ten more years.
Predicting life expectancy accurately is the biggest obstacle to pricing longevity risk.
Already, people predict that this new generation's life expectancy may be lower than the previous.
Not only that, but life expectancy reached an all-time high, of about seventy-seven years.
Time after time, experts have estimated a maximum possible life expectancy that any human population could achieve.
Rather, researchers were probing on a far smaller scale, investigating the life expectancy of subatomic quarks.
Eating carrots may not have anything to do with the deaths and life expectancy may have everything to do with it.
Homeless people are known to have poor health and life expectancy.
Your second graph graphically demonstrates the impact of science on life expectancy.
They also have a relatively short life expectancy as well.
Yes, the life expectancy of everyone approaches zero, in consideration of eternity.
Similarly, his figures for life expectancy correspond to those in the original sources.
Population growth, increasing life expectancy, and environmental degradation create a need for more and better products.
No longer is it enough to stretch your life expectancy to some vague horizon.
If untreated, life expectancy is only two to five years.
US life expectancy is still much better than ever before, and improving so rapidly.
Decade by decade, life expectancy for older people has risen at unprecedented rates.
Medical breakthroughs may continue to raise life expectancy beyond the levels built into population forecasts.
In a few countries life expectancy is back to what it was a century ago.
Official retirement ages have failed to keep pace with rising life expectancy, making pensions increasingly unaffordable.
Life expectancy is two years longer than average for the western world.
As life expectancy grows, disabilities are likely to increase, as will the need for long-term care.
Life expectancy turns on two things: the motor neurons running the diaphragm-the breathing muscles.
Females who mated with them had a shorter life expectancy.
As a result, he thinks life expectancy will start extending to the point where he can live indefinitely.
These kids life expectancy is so low compared to us.
And if you change your mind, life expectancy has shot up over the past century.
Food production continues to increase, as do living standards and life expectancy.
Life expectancy in the typical poor country has risen from forty-eight years to sixty-eight years over the past four decades.
The phase change material can run through these thermal cycles indefinitely, easily outlasting the life expectancy of the garment.
These adjustments will take increased life expectancy into account, since beneficiaries will need to be supported longer.
For patients whose melanoma isn't caught early, the life expectancy is less than a year.
Life expectancy is increasing around the globe, too.
Shelf life expectancy is tens of years, far exceeding any other energy storage system currently known.
We have far more uninsured citizens, and a lower life expectancy.
Now, consider the economic implications of this trend in conjunction with increasing life expectancy.
If it improves health, that should show up in life expectancy.
Life expectancy and health are not distributed equally.
As for her larger point, the world indeed changed when life expectancy climbed from forty-seven to seventy-seven.
Life expectancy goes up, but for hairstylists a cost disease still operates.
Life expectancy at birth is also a measure of overall quality of life in a country and summarizes the mortality at all ages.
But the rise in marrying age almost exactly mirrors the rise in life expectancy.
Somewhere within those extremes lies the life expectancy of this wondrous, swirling globe.

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