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Example sentences for life jacket

For the drill, you will need a life jacket, which will be either in your cabin or at the cruise ship's muster station.
If you are in a tandem kayak, make sure you have a life jacket for both of you.
Wear a life jacket and helmet if there are any rapids.
If you are able to walk, take the stairs to return your life jacket, and move on to your next destination.
During this time, experienced parasail operators get riders into a life jacket and harness.
If you're swimming with children, or you aren't a strong swimmer yourself, wear a life jacket when swimming on yellow-flag days.
Adult swimmers heading out alone or in rough waters are also advised to use a life jacket.
Two small containers of compressed gas may be brought on if part of a life jacket as well as one pack of matches.
Provide a helmet and life jacket for any children you kayak with.
If you're not an experienced swimmer, don a life jacket to stay afloat while you snorkel.
The campground also has a pontoon, fishing boat and life jacket rental service.
Strap on a life jacket and head outside to the water slides, or relax in a hot tub under a snow-covered pagoda.
Snorkeling doesn't necessarily require an ability to swim, as long as a life jacket and proper snorkel gear are utilized.
Water will enter into the life jacket and cause you, and it, to sink.
With the improved technology of inflatable life jackets, there really isn't any reason not to wear a life jacket today.
Life jacket styles include camouflage vests, fishing vests and float coats.
It is especially important to check life jacket fit for children.
Each region winner will receive a tee-shirt and life jacket.
The liveries provide safety instruction, a properly fitted life jacket, and they will shuttle you back to your vehicle.
Boaters are also reminded of a new life jacket age requirement.
During this time the life jacket is also inflated, either orally or from a pressure outlet.
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