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Example sentences for lien

With a reverse mortgage, she said, the lender has a lien against the property.
The party who holds the lien can sell the property to pay off a debt.
Those who filed liens against the owner before the board filed its lien would have priority.
Good people do not have an exclusive lien on good ideas.
Now, he confesses, he's broke and has a lien against his home.
They even waived the late fees and penalties, and then walked me through the process of registering the lien properly.
But if a second lien is in place, then it should take place ahead of that new mortgage.
If his income is garnished, or her creditors put a lien on your joint house or checking account, you both have a problem.
In a tax lien sale, you buy the right to collect on the tax lien.
If she ever tries to buy a house, they will be able to put a lien on it.
Information on partial release of lien and subordination of lien.
All lien-related activities are handled through the civil court.

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