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Visitors must lie flat in a shallow boat as it is pulled by wires under the outcrop.
No matter where team loyalties lie, football fans unite every season for food-filled game days.
The approaches to each lie within the park, from the south and east of the summits.
Surprisingly, this gentle deterrent even works on her dogs, which used to lie down in these areas and smash her plants.
Find a low spot or depression and crouch down as low as possible, but don't lie down on the ground.
The clues lie buried in the ground and beneath the waves.
These cells lie in layers under the chameleon's outer skin.
To picture how big that is, if about five ten-year-olds lie down head to foot, they'd be about the length of this huge snake.
Dinosaur fossils lie stacked one on top of the other, piled four and five high.
It is possible that ancient ships lie completely intact on the bottom.
But the fossils lie inside rich tracts of limestone-a key ingredient in cement manufacturing.
But the rewards appear to be well worth it for energy companies-billions of barrels of oil are believed to lie in the formation.
Hundreds more may lie beneath an exposed layer of jumbled fossils.
However, if you try to lie and hide the stuff, you can be charged with smuggling.
Though important symbols of bureaucratic authority, they are spaces that lie beyond our system of bureaucratic oversight.
Where differences in these skills do exist, the causes may lie in the social context.
Instead, it chose a third path: to lie, and to lie big.
On her shoulders may lie responsibility for some of the stability of the global financial system.
Although the new violence thrives on the weakness of the state in those countries, its origins lie elsewhere.
Ask people about this sort of thing and they will lie-even to themselves.
But the longer that politicians lie to them about reality, the angrier they will get.
But in a recession, when workers and factories lie idle, a fiscal boost can increase overall demand.
The key to understanding how languages evolved may lie in their structure, not their vocabularies, a new report suggests.
The ability to make tools was once thought to lie solely within the purview of humans.
Hopes for a giant collider lie in a worldwide appeal.
Less desirable are the earthquake faults that lie beneath the coastal state.
Your brain may give you away when you're telling a lie, a new study suggests.
Most of these folks share a surprising trait, however: they lie.
The key to halting cancer cells may lie in their sugary coats, scientists say.
But you can't teach him to lie, or to know when you're lying.
The key to restoring movement and communication for the severely disabled may lie on the roofs of our mouths.
All that remains visible are long, curved jaws that lie open waiting for prey.
The answer may lie in the social relationships that influence so many of our actions.
Because a yes response might indicate only a coin's landing heads, people presumably would have little reason to lie.
Among the challenges that lie ahead will be developing a portable energy source suitable for amputees.
As neurons light up together, they create links within which our memories lie.
They lie about how much they smoke and whether they're taking their medicine.
Friends and interests lie far beyond their hometown.
He laid blame on coaches who lie and cheat, and appear to care little about players.
So now the only way that students can stick to a word limit is if they start to lie in their essays.
Another part of the mystery may lie in the mobilization, often via social media, of new political actors.
If you give people a situation in which lying is advantageous and the perceived risk of detection is low, they will lie.
Nor does the problem lie with the puffery essence of press releases.
The dissertation, if it is to be successful, must reflect where your true interests lie.
In other words, in this example and in reality, years of struggle lie ahead.
There are lots of tall pine trees and humongous, light beige boulders lie scattered about everywhere.
He who throws himself under the bench will be left to lie there.
But the real meat and potatoes lie in its sweet picture and true, natural blacks.
Sure, almost everybody lies-but they don't lie by much.
The true treats still lie within the recording itself.
Often the dogs would find buried travelers, dig through the snow and lie on top of the injured to provide warmth.
They lie all the time, especially when they think they know what the people doing the study want to hear.
After all, people can lie in surveys, and segments of the population can be overlooked.
If sleeping, the dogs were allowed to lie-unless they barked up the wrong tree.
From this he inferred that an organ of verbal memory must lie behind the eyes.
They lie brazenly on the roads, fat and dazed from the gorging.
No matter who tries to spin them, they do not lie when their reality of relativity is shown.
In such discoveries lie what my friends the biologists ought to be advertising.
The fragility of this natural wonder is apparent: large fragments from recently collapsed cliffs lie at the base of rock faces.
He was aware of his behavior at the time, and remembers it, but has decided that this is not a plus and so is telling a lie.
But they were lying, of course, because torture forced them to lie.
Now she says she will probably have to lie under a train, or shoot her legs off with a shotgun.
The big lie is that it is safe to live and produce food and produce water in the areas where they are doing this drilling.
On the other, the books we've sort of read and glibly lie about having finished.
The rest-how two people can lie down on the blanket- they know about it but they're not ready for it.
Afterward, the bacteria lie dormant and cannot spread or infect others.
On the television show he watches the first two contestants ridiculed by a lie-detector.
He leads her in the dark and the two lie together on the top of a bale of hay.
At bath time, she would lie in the tub and stare at the linen closet, which she thought housed a devil.
Writer mentions he inherited both an innate ability to lie and his mask of sanity from his father.
Somewhere among the genetic disparities must lie the mutation or, more probably, mutations that define us.
Orangutans can lie, it appears, pretending to engage in one activity while plotting another.
Signs of an ancient horror lie buried in the southwestern desert.
The neurons that light up during the experiments lie in a region known to form short-term memories.
Within these families lie the keys to a multicellular existence.
In each case, an answer may lie in the amount of exposure to pathogens at an early age.
Interesting stories often lie encoded in names that seem either capricious or misconstrued.
But it was even more boring to lie in bed and do nothing.
Whatever axiomatic system you base your calculations on, there are true statements that lie beyond the system's reach.
These have never happened before or rely on mechanisms that lie beyond science.
All you need is an open sky and a place to lie down and relax.
The developing muscle tissue that would lie along adult ribs in a standard amniote began to fold underneath itself in the turtle.
And gravity measurements suggested large pools of magma lie beneath the surface of these formations.
Other neurons, in the brain, respond to things that appear to lie within arm's reach.
The artist is essentially creating his work to make this lie a truth, but he slides it in amongst all the others.
The future of the company may lie in seeds, but the seeds of the company lie in chemicals.
In the garden, under wooden crosses, lie cats and dogs who have departed.
And our destiny is presented to us as a choice between those who are lying in wait and those who are waiting to lie.
But there was the picture, and the picture didn't lie.
But more exciting applications lie in energy efficiency and energy generation.
But beyond the evident failure of internal control technologies lie wider vulnerabilities in the global financial system.
Issues of world peace and nuclear disarmament lie close to his heart.
The members of a party all lie within a circle of certain size, centred at a point which represents their average behaviour.
And the reasons for that, while complex, lie in the bitterly contested politics of technological innovation.
The solution may lie in making the developing world wealthy.
There are many sociopaths who are in business and will lie, scam and cheat for years.
And here you are falling for and/or promoting this lie to the public.
Eventually, the majority of the cost of a cell phone will lie in the raw material itself.
In this scenario, the entire history of humankind to date is a mere instant compared with the eons that still lie before us.
Of course there are pathways that lie between the two extremes.
He has quite enough reason to lie awake about the winners.
Other forms of scholarship and speculation lie outside his chosen limits.
They lie constantly to elevate their status or get what they want.
Never has been compulsory, when the cities lie at the monster's feet there are left the mountains.
However, at the heart of the science of nuclear energy lie both these theories.
Ration cards, it is announced, will soon be eliminated-a lifelong dream for many that finally seems to lie within reach.
Few things are easier than telling a lie, and few things are harder than spotting one when it's told to us.

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