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Example sentences for licorice

Licorice, a common additive, becomes co-carcinogenic when burned.
Ditto antioxidants found in pomegranates, red wine and licorice root.
The last experiment replaced songs with a variety of jellybeans, from green apple to licorice.
Some licorice products don't contain extracts from the actual root and instead use anise to achieve a similar flavor.
To make feathers, thread gumdrops and licorice onto the skewers.
Weight-watchers can make desserts with herbs such as sweet cicely or licorice.
Bright, spicy cherries with a red licorice edge softened by lavender.
Soothe sweet tooth cravings with too many flavors of licorice to list here.
Star anise combines the sweet taste of licorice with lots of heat.
Rich, full-bodied and a touch sweet with flavors of licorice and figs.
Most plug tobacco is flavored and sweetened with licorice.
The bright licorice notes of the vegetable complement fish, mussels and shrimp so well.

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