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Example sentences for licking

For about the third time in four days, we've had eight deer out there, taking turns licking the seed out of the feeder.
What will bounce back--sure some form of life will be resilient enough to take our licking--which form of life is the question.
On the edges of a sheep farm, a coyote lurks, licking his chops.
Cats-notorious self-groomers-transfer the allergy-inducing protein to their skin and fur while licking themselves.
So investors in breweries are licking their lips as they contemplate a fresh round of takeovers.
Licking off the food, they open their mouths for another gulp.
Forks are optional and licking one's fingers is highly encouraged.
Even some admitted-student groups are full of kids licking their wounds.
Beth began to scream, great tongues of flame were licking across the ceiling.
In other words, he is licking the boots of his enemies.
Two geckos climb from a hidden place in the eaves, and begin licking the knife with pink tongues.
It is rare not to see a dog wagging its tail when he or she is licking someone he or she loves.

Famous quotes containing the word licking

The Caracal lies on a shelf in its den in the Zoological Gardens quietly licking its fur. I go up and stand... more
Now Kitty, let's consider who it was that dreamed it all. This is a serious question, my dear, and you should not go on ... more
My father fight against you last time. We give you one good licking then and we do it again.... more
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