licentiousness in a sentence

Example sentences for licentiousness

Those who began noticing the comics' gleeful licentiousness acquired their own version of superpowers.
But some of his best chapters are devoted to the efforts to curb the general licentiousness.
Against the licentiousness of the pagans he shows that all impurities are sins against reason.
And this shews the mistake of those who imagine that friendship gives a privilege to licentiousness and sin.
Sermonizers accuse capitalism of disrupting the family and fostering licentiousness.
Still, it would be wrong to overemphasize soldier licentiousness.
For the grossest licentiousness is practised and encouraged by the officers of some of the convict camps.

Famous quotes containing the word licentiousness

In the evening my wife insisted to read this journal, and, finding in it such explicit instances of licentiousness... more
Montesquieu well knew, and justly admired, the happy constitution of this country [Great Britain], where fixed and known... more
Bad company is as instructive as licentiousness. One makes up for the loss of one's innocence with the loss... more
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