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We were told that the incident portrayed in the book was inaccurate, that the library had never been involved.
So a book of a few hundred pages can take up to several library renewals each three-weekly.
Slovenian library creates surprise book packs based on genre.
They may ask why you chose library science as a career or what drew you to the profession.
Bookshelves built into the staircase add a library look.
Wow, you really can't let those library due dates slide.
For the library faculty positions, the scholarship would have to be in librarianship.
From here, you can decide which of your tracks in your cloud library you want synced to local storage on your phone.
The exterior of my library building is quite boring.
If your town has a lending library for tools, consider yourself lucky.
In the first activity, students learn about the history and significance of kimonos through online or library research.
Enter a special kiosk and a wall of dresses is pulled back, or handbags pushed aside, to reveal a library of catalogues.
Our multimedia archive and library will continue to be updated.
She is an avid library user but is now freaking out about bringing back bedbugs.
Any web-linked household today has a library of information available at the click of a mouse.
There is a specialised management library opposite the school.
The major revamp has taken place in the library section.
There is nothing stopping anyone from walking into a library and learning how to do any published experiment.
Get a library card and read this and hundred of other magazines for free online.
Research is moving online, and more and more users have moved away from thinking of the research library as the gateway to it.
Know your library user-and worry about who's not using the library.
He didn't conduct his research solely from the library.
Library visits typically are not part of their routines.
One was a thirty-by-twenty-foot library whose floor-to-ceiling shelves sagged with books.
She needed her microeconomics textbook for the problem set she was finishing at the library, and she'd left it in her dorm room.
She sat in the library, and every movie star at the party-and there were a lot of them-stopped by to say hello.
Then we'd have a light lunch at a small table in her library.
And the library includes a business plan to tell it what to produce and when.
We get her lots of books from the library, and she has loved all the ones with dinosaurs in them.
Take them to the library and let them check out books that might be interesting.
We've been hearing about it for years, but the bookless library has finally arrived, making a beachhead on college campuses.
His daytime hours were spent at the local library, reading the papers and gossiping.
The secret of writing was, to go and live in the library two or four days a week for ten years.

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