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Libraries cut off access to the scientific literature.
From archaeologists determining cultural practices to chemists studying embalming, mummies have revealed libraries of information.
Not to be left out, thousands of libraries are likewise offering e-books on loan and are rapidly expanding their catalogs.
Terminals in libraries and cybercafes would have to have verified sign-in rosters.
However, code libraries for basic algorithms are shared.
There should still be a few copies of it around and in libraries.
These papers also contain references to libraries of supporting materials.
The digital libraries of mankind can be wiped clean in the next big war.
Libraries are full of these kinds of books, open your eyes.
He is hunting it through swimming through libraries and trying to reckon what it means.
They were once limited to patrons of well-stocked libraries.
We went to libraries to check out how to solve problems that concerned us.
Almost all these treasured works are housed in university and monastery libraries where they are seldom seen by outsiders.
The card cannot be used for federal or state services, but it will allow holders to use city beaches and libraries.
Instead of visiting bat caves, the scientists visited their universities' libraries.
Around them are dormitories with cafeterias, karaoke rooms, libraries and basketball courts.
Public libraries are usually an excellent source of information on local book clubs, and often host book club meetings themselves.
Current projects are expanding the frontiers of digital libraries, online communities, and interactive mapping.
Aside from public-use databases and books, the libraries run free programs, including children's storytelling sessions.
Readers across the country are being encouraged to donate their new or gently used books to local libraries.
Critics have been outraged by the right of the government to search the computers of public libraries.
Free compact discs more headache than blessing for libraries.
On these comparatively few months libraries have been written.
Libraries, public and private, had been entered and the books scattered about the yards or destroyed.
Libraries are not what they used to be, and that's all to their credit.
He also erected hundreds of new churches, libraries and public edifices throughout the empire.
Of particular interest to students and scholars, are the troves of books and archival materials squirreled away in libraries.
And, simply offering broadband at libraries or community hubs isn't enough.
But free libraries are full of books that no one reads.
Liberation from the bounds of books and libraries doesn't mean freedom from the constraints of corporate power and culture.
Research that once required days in the stacks or periodical rooms of libraries can now be done in minutes.
Reading trends, economics, and psychology have so aligned as to keep this group of readers in libraries and bookstores.
Today computers are everywhere, and whole libraries of machine-readable texts are available.
If people could not afford to buy copies, they borrowed them or visited public libraries.
The same key lies waiting in smaller museums, and in books on the shelves of even small libraries.
There are plenty of specialty stores, lending libraries, and mail-order clubs.
There were simply too many: they could fill libraries, never mind a magazine article.
At many university libraries, the toxic economy has eaten away at staffing levels and at collections-and-acquisitions budgets.
In addition to the reputation of teaching programs, the survey asked some questions about libraries themselves.
The infrastructure is falling into place-- a great time for research libraries to get involved.
Academic libraries are completely different from public which are completely different from school libraries.
Those companies handle a majority of the book acquisitions at many libraries.
Such systems are inherently limited by the imagination of the creator and the functionality of the libraries.
Libraries had previously listed their books in bound ledgers.
Libraries are bursting with refereed literature patting itself on the back for bottle washing and button sorting.
Only the video libraries on your machine may use hardware acceleration.
Voiceprint libraries could be updated automatically.
If that were so, libraries would have put bookstores out of business.
Every cacao-growing country has its germ plasm collections, living libraries of trees, labeled according to strain.
We will provide them access to our libraries and gym and welcome them to join the academic events of our community.
In libraries all around the world these papers end up on microfilm, so wouldn't it be a similar standard or guidelines.
Now, libraries close all over the world every day without much ado.
On the political stage, too, having spent excessive hours in seminar rooms and libraries is widely regarded as a liability.
We won't be able to use our public libraries because they'll all be closed.
He called for art to be displayed in libraries and universities, and in some cases to be sold in department stores.
Tells about other causes supported by the foundation, including libraries and education.
He is known to frequent libraries and historic sites.
The collection is not enormous when compared to the world's great research libraries.
Of course the claim can be made that in prison the libraries are no good and that in hospitals there are often are no libraries.
Everything about the university, from teaching loads to libraries, should be examined.
To escape the soporific effects of the heat the seminarians work in subterranean libraries.
Individual scholars had private libraries with tens of thousands of books.
There are also smaller lectures taking place at local libraries, churches and quilt guilds all over the country.
Details services to local libraries, state and local government and the public.
Libraries in this section are part of an affiliated library consortium.
Community involvement, support and interest in libraries are truly our life blood.
Big libraries should be those things, but grand as well.
Libraries across the country have come up with a sure-fire way to draw people in--lend video fare.

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