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They are interested in going after the bad guys and they've done a good job of that without compromising civil liberties.
They fear that an overreliance on the military will have adverse consequences for privacy and civil liberties.
Fiction's current willingness to take wild liberties with the past may well come from a sense of its own cultural demotion.
Without these liberties, of course, the book would be far less readable.
For me, this civics lesson at the mailbox joined together privacy and civil liberties.
There are two sides to every argument and in this case it is civil liberties vs safety.
Scientists have taken liberties with the color palette and contrast in producing the images.
After all, eye-witness accounts are often found to be inaccurate in criminal trials when people's lives or liberties are at stake.
Not to be conflated with libertarians, who want a government focused on liberties.
Enough of our liberties have been trampled on already.
Civil liberties groups are calling this the end of privacy.
There will be collateral damage to the press and our civil liberties.
He proved to be unapproachable, but one of his researchers had full-blown civil-liberties remorse.
Time to restore civil liberties lost in war on terror.
Presidents have more power over foreign policy and civil liberties matters than the economy.
The catalysts for revolt are common: restricted liberties, rising food costs, and high unemployment.
His tenure might have tremendous upsides: zero imprudently launched wars, a resurgence of civil liberties, more transparency.
We have to think about the country that made those liberties possible.
On economic issues he was a reformer, but on civil liberties he was a disaster.
In the former part, he permitted himself some questionable liberties.
The country's defence secretary even advocated suspending civil liberties.
He writes and speaks widely on civil liberties, especially the right to privacy.
Moreover, elections are often a poor guide to a country's overall state of democracy and civil liberties.
It has a decent record on civil liberties and a relatively free press.
The past year has seen several setbacks in the advance of basic liberties.
The visits were official: he visited the jail as a leader of a local civil-liberties group.
Now he adds education and the defence of civil liberties to his list of priorities for the new government.
He is suing the state to prevent any interpretive liberties taken with voter intent within the write-in candidate field.
The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.
The unanimity and valor which will effect an honorable peace can render a future contest for our liberties unnecessary.
In the days since, a media firestorm has ensued over a perceived violation of civil liberties by transit system officials.
Courts nationwide are now wrestling with the civil-liberties implications.
And your society is probably autocratic with few political and civil liberties.
Laws that limit the liberties of the general population do not usually restrict the activities of the lawless.
There's far more justification for applications that preclude personal liberties than any need for individual annihilation.

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