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It provided a cheap source of calories and was easy to cultivate, so it liberated workers from the land.
The liberated segments then start spiraling toward the surface.
The idea that our brains were liberated to grow by availability of cooked foods is backwards.
As chance would have it, she married the officer who liberated her.
Minds will be opened, and many will find themselves liberated to express views previously forbidden.
But a coherent government in the liberated zone has yet to emerge.
His shiny airplane, a target for government bombers, stands out dangerously in the bleakest liberated zone in the world.
And the liberated drop immediately drips onto your interview tie.
The people who liberated this public information are heroes.
His teenage audiences yelled out with him, suddenly liberated.
Creative energies are liberated by oxymorons, by breakdowns in definitions.
To be activated they must be liberated from the chromosomal coils.
Something liberated which had been sealed up in the masonry of years ago.
Even the students who mentioned feeling liberated said their behavior wouldn't change.
Markets liberated people from incompetent bureaucrats.
Only when these clumps are broken up is the dust liberated.
Over time, liberated state firms should become more efficient and thus cut their prices.
Now the campaign is under way, he seems liberated from his cares.
Checkpoints in the liberated capital are on the whole being decently manned.
And how liberated they must have been as they pedaled their wheels toward new horizons.
The expression is organic, or, the new type which things themselves take when liberated.
It seems part of the contemporary condition to feel simultaneously blessed and cursed, liberated and trapped, by technology.
The remaining gas will be liberated as foam during brewing.
Poetry needs to be liberated from literary criticism.
The worthiness of the liberated was as precious to him as liberation.
The pill liberated more than half of humanity from their hitherto imprisonment to human biology, changing mankind forever.
In a sense, she was liberated, too liberated for her times.

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