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If a liar tells us that lying is wrong, this makes him a hypocrite, but it does not invalidate his claim.
Anyone who tells you different is a either a liar or misinformed.
The liar will have you thinking that maybe the dog did eat the homework.
It is time to add jail sentences for being proven incompetent if not a liar.
These same limitations also apply to many newfangled approaches to catching a liar.
He's a perfect example of a liar who's right in anyway.
If you claim you have, or claim to know someone who has, you are a filthy liar.
If your old employer will call you a liar when asked straight up, don't do it.
The beauty of this is that you can pretty much pick a number out of thin air without fear of being proved a liar.
To call me a liar because of this is totally out of line.
Oh, it's always the one calling out the liar who is the biggest liar of all.
Anyone who would use those liars as a source is either an easily manipulated fool, or a liar himself.
And you keep peddling this lie, because you are a pathological liar.
It's not often that a pathological liar gets his own talk show.
They don't really care whether you were a jealous monster or whether she was a compulsive liar.
But, since the head liar is the head of the country, my guess is that won't happen.
It is not as if the amazing nonsense of liar loans and qualifying at teaser rates was a secret.
He would probably be in ail except that the only real witness against him is also a crook and a liar.
Then you can call me a liar and prove that pot isn't addictive.
But this goes beyond the common charge that he was a phoney, or a liar.
Always a boss and never a worker, always a liar, always a thief and never caught.
Allowing us to make informed choices as opposed to listening to the biggest liar.
Take the example of a liar: often, the words and the actions don't correspond.
Either you skipped the day when they taught the scientific method or you are a liar.
To bluff, unchanged in form, takes on the new meaning of to lie: a bluffer is a liar.
Therefore let him not think he has the character of a liar with you, as long as you can avoid it without flattering him in it.
They are convinced that anyone who attempts to show them facts that differ is a liar who is out to harm them.
If you can't provide your readers with this proof, then your magazine is a liar.
But your misdeeds were clearly exposed in the dead face of the power liar.
Well, a liar and arrogant shepherd controls that used to be cool party and ruins the country.
In fact he's a pathological liar and do-nothing who never even intended to prepare let alone implement a proper reform.
The babysitter was quite a liar, you realize now, even worse than you.
She had no idea and felt that if she said so, he would think her a liar and a coward, so she kept silent.
Anybody who called it an enjoyable afternoon had to be a liar.
After their liaison was revealed, he denied everything, leaving her to be portrayed as a tramp and a liar.
She was a liar and a fraud and she was deceiving him at every moment.
Two psychologists argue that everyone's mind contains a liar, a cheat, and a sinner.
Weber eventually became so exasperated that he labels the painter a liar.
Yeah, she said, in her low and convincing liar's voice.
It also depends on the liar's subjective belief of whether or not they are lying.
My horoscope this morning said that a video recording of a liar caught in an earthquake would leave me strangely aroused.
Kent, you are a liar and should be ashamed of yourself.
It's maddening that such a liar, such complete blowhard can command those kinds of sales.
It's easy for some ignorant outsider to go through your data and pounce on some of those corrections and call you a liar.
And now, since people who know nothing about this and/or me have called me a liar, allow me to make this as clear as possible.
And anyone who says otherwise is either seriously out of touch with fact or a bald-faced liar.
The liar should go to prison for the same amount of time that the defendant wrongly served.
For police officers and poker players, there are few things worse than a cool liar.
For those who weren't watching closely enough, a liar is a liar.
The problem is that the liar also focuses on presenting a consistent, albeit false, story.
First, a prosecutor does not necessarily engage in misconduct by characterizing a defendant as a liar.
When it comes to telling fish stories, the first liar doesn't stand a chance.

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