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Destroy the entire system, if you make us liable for our fraud.
The government will be liable for the damages if it's recognized that this vaccine triggers autism.
Emotionally powerful material is particularly liable to emerge in telepathy, as well as repressed thoughts and memories.
Few governments still have revenues sufficient to cover the fixed money charges for which they have made themselves liable.
If the bricks get quarrelling among themselves the wall is liable to split and the whole house to fall.
Buses were rare, unpredictable, and liable to break down.
Otherwise, you're too subject to temptation, and liable to find yourself in over your head.
Nor is it human beings alone who are thus liable to be injured by means of their shadows.
She is a dreamy four-year-old, and on her own two feet, she's liable to meander.
But premature fiscal tightening is worse because it is liable to choke off the recovery prematurely.
The city is potentially liable because of the police department's involvement in bringing proceedings against the students.
Indeed, antimonopoly laws are liable to be used more readily against foreign companies than domestic ones.
And any outfit that depends on advertising is liable to worry more about offending advertisers than about pleasing viewers.
The translator shall be liable for any mistake or inaccuracy in the translation.
Unfortunately, any politician bold enough to try that is liable to be driven from office.
The question is why financial systems are so liable to turn foreign credit into ruinous busts.
But any major policy change in a big country is liable to serious repercussions one way or the other.
Who takes risks is liable to eat losses if they occur, otherwise the capitalistic system is not working.
Even the cleverest males are liable to take this line.
HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.

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