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Of course, this is a tool that can cut both ways, but don't see your age and relative inexperience only as liabilities.
But total liabilities, which include short-term and long-term debt, soared.
Instead, investors are increasingly pricing in the corporate sector's share of growing fiscal liabilities.
Even if that figure overstates the problem, there is little doubt that governments are understating their pensions liabilities.
The liabilities will not go away if the expected rate of return fails to materialise.
State guarantees for bank liabilities are credible for two reasons.
And now they enjoy an implicit blanket guarantee of all their liabilities, allowing them to borrow cheaply.
After all, their names and liabilities were already on bank ledgers.
As their cash pile dwindles and liabilities fall due, they will be forced to sell, whatever the market conditions.
Acceptance of such liabilities coupled with potential allows for growth.
Patients who become sick are liabilities and any way to reduce or limit benefits will improve the bottom line.
There is no question that a lot of multi-employer plans have seen a growth in unfunded liabilities since the stock market crashed.
It sheds some of its liabilities and costs, and ends up a leaner, more focused firm that can reinvent itself.
And if it properly accounted for its liabilities, that budget hole would look a lot worse.
But that's doesn't mean that full exposures should be reported on a bank's balance sheet as liabilities.
Companies take on large deferred liabilities, in the form of future claims or account withdrawals, in exchange for payment now.
Car-sharing companies have worked out systems for dealing with liabilities, but apartment-sharing companies have not.
Furthermore, the rising medical and retirement liabilities of faculty and staff make tuition decreases almost impossible.
It is also important to recognize that a declining effective tax rate does not necessarily translate into reduced tax liabilities.
Not funding these costs as they are incurred simply shifts the liabilities to the future.
The accounts would also include liabilities, such as stress and depression.
Short-term liabilities are legal obligations which arise upon the receipt of goods or services.
If you have past-due liabilities, the information below may help you with the collection process.
The entries in this section illustrate the recording of liabilities and equity in the accounting records.

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