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Lexical chunks have entered the house of language teaching, and they're making themselves at home.
They are imaginative attempts at relating something heard to lexical material already known.
But those tasks may say more about lexical ability than true insight.
For lexical synesthetes, these words take on unique colors.
Again, that will differ for many reasons unrelated to lexical richness.
Any translator will make lexical errors as well as errors of tone and spirit while working on a book.
When people decide to believe, they depend on it every bit as much as they depend on lexical meaning.
Yet a favorite human sport fails to meet the new lexical guidelines.
Let us place ourselves ahead of the lexical power curve.
Bush's lexical imprecision is beside the point here.
He couldn't find his way back to the lexical vortex that made him a reliably astonishing mc for several years.
There's also a lexical component to the sound of revolution.

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The "text" is merely one of the contexts of a piece of literature, its lexical or verbal one, no more or le... more
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