levee in a sentence

Example sentences for levee

The day on the levee had more a sense of d├ętente than of harmony.
Explore this interactive map and ten signs of trouble for the levee system.
It could have addressed levee failure, which probably puts more people at risk of flooding each year than dam failure.
In the upper portions of the city the levee is low, but is able to hold three feet more water.
The city is gradually sinking lower below sea level and becoming more dependent on its extensive levee system to keep water out.
In the wake of the catastrophe, other communities may need to reevaluate their own levee protections.
Coastal communities, many protected by small levee systems, already feel the brunt.
The fragile, worn-out levee system threatens to give way and cause catastrophic flooding if it is not upgraded soon.
Also called levee or floodgate storm surge: noun: abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a hurricane or other intense storm.
It's also a levee bottling up a torrent of content that can be sold and delivered over those devices.
Her husband had recently given up fishing for more reliable work on the new levee.
Levee and revetment monitoring and maintenance information.
The increase in levee height will result in an expansion to the levee footprint by lateral extension of the structure.
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