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From the lettering you can still read on a few of them he believes they were old machine shop tool bins.
The globe logo and the lettering on the cans will remain the same, but a new theme will make its debut every few weeks.
He adored those two hardbound red volumes with their gold lettering and endless renderings of animals.
It would have been better to touch up the image to make the lettering disappear altogether.
He was driving a pickup truck with white lettering on one side.
Also that the lettering and wheel engraving on the bottle are absolutely right for the period.
Bottles with script logos have more value than those with block lettering.
Quality chrome-finished metal license plate frame with high-impact insert featuring team name and logo in raised lettering.
It's distinctive but lettering is too small and sign is nonreflective.
However, the first letter of the first word of each sentence is written in slightly larger upper case lettering.
Use a limited number of lettering styles and colors, which reflect the character or the business and/or the building.
Letter presentation drawings, using mechanical lettering sets.
The amount and size of the lettering will determine the final size of the sign.
The wording and images on the blank sign faces are applied by silk screening or computer-imaging lettering equipment.
The size and coloring of such signs, lettering, and the interval of posting must be appropriate for each situation.
The form, character, and lettering of the tag shall be prescribed by the county auditor.

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