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Candidate, could easily be a terrific letter were it slightly more customized.
The letter can be read easily by touching the right spot on a screen by the display case.
Many of the graceful strokes from the master's pen have left the letter full of tiny slashes.
Forgive me if you found the opening letter offensive.
Writers must submit a query letter to the editor in advance.
And sometimes, it can be a little surprising who asks you for a letter.
After completing it, have your students write a letter to someone in the future.
In a point mutation, a single letter of the genetic code changes to another letter.
Students are welcome to send in a one-page letter indicating an area of interest, along with current resume.
The letter writers have had several years of day to day interaction with the candidates.
Hand out a letter to the students requesting their help in planning a new town.
If you don't include a letter from your advisor it does look really bad.
Find a word in the story that starts with the same letter.
Villa's letter indicated that his investigation of the students' complaints had found support for several of their allegations.
Each letter was shown for half a second and followed by a blank screen for two seconds before the next letter appeared.
The letter ordered me to provide sensitive information about one of my clients.
Planets orbiting stars beyond the sun are labelled merely with the name of the star and a suffix letter.
The letter asks them to call a number and cash an enclosed check.
Ask them to draw a picture of the item the letter stands for.
When the fingers slipped up, they paused a split second longer than usual before typing the next letter.
Number each bag and then number and letter each of the items in the bag.
The graduation rates and low-default rates cited in the letter are high achievements.
Researchers measured brain activity in volunteers performing letter-pairing tests.
In their letter, principals may designate a teacher in the school to be the recipient of the contest materials.
In both these examples, the first period should be replaced by a comma, and the following word begun with a small letter.
The table is based on one that accompanied the letter.
For your letter to be considered, you must include your phone number and postal address.
The art of the personal letter is endangered but not dead.
The cover letter is about what you can do for the employer.
How you write your cover letter is as important as the message it delivers.
Governor releases copy of letter she gave to president.
The letter would be thrown into the wastebasket, where it belonged.
Sending a letter to someone you are close to is almost pointless.
Researchers have also found that pressing a given key would affect the typing of the next letter.
At the sight of the letter a, a color flashes through her mind-invariably gray-blue.
Then they can write a much more personal and effective letter.
Each card has a number on one side and a letter on the other.
In the second, they decided whether two strings of uppercase and lowercase letters matched in both letter and case.
But no evidence of hydrophobia appears in his physician's letter, nor is there any mention of excessive salivation or seizures.
We should mostly keep doing what we're doing now, using the parent star's name and giving each planet a letter subscript.
She does no better in her letter, preferring to take cover behind the claim of confidentiality-a lame excuse in any language.
When the letter is produced the court can judge of it, and withhold from the public any secrets which ought not to be disclosed.
First came the telephone, which replaced the letter as the preferred means of business and social discourse.
He had dropped out of school and was working in an office when the firm sent him out to post a letter one day.
The full text of the letter is below and is available for download here.
To see a signed copy of the letter, please click here.
The text of the letter along with a list of co-signers follows.
But if one part of the application is a bit weaker than the rest, a strong letter might tip the balance in your favor.

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