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Unlike a formal sit-down dinner party, an open house lets people come and go as their busy schedules allow.
Unlike paints made specifically for concrete, this mixture lets you choose your own color palette.
She lets the bees pretty much manage themselves, and says that they do pretty well.
The neutral wall color lets artwork and bedding take center stage.
Novella lets homeless people harvest from the garden--in fact, it makes her feel good.
It also lets them realize they don't have to participate in a team sport to be active and have camaraderie.
He unscrews the cap and lets a few drops leak onto the stone, where they fizz and bubble.
Exploration lets us find out whether both of these are possible.
The birds start breeding earlier, which lets them claim the better nesting sites and increases breeding success.
He sits at the home base and lets the undergrads do all the work.
He lets the bikers and the crowd float on parallel planes in a murky light.
He reacts silently to each new revelation rather than spinning out glib one-liners, and he lets his pain show.
Lets quit wasting millions on the past and start using it on the present.
It takes the reader into the down, lets him meet the people, and get inside of an amazing writer and see what made him tick.
Eight columns form the basis of a roof that lets in shards of sunlight.
The smaller dog grabs its tail but is spun around until it lets go.
It lets conditions such as temperature vary smoothly.
Since this has become a global warming response lets go with it then.
It's technology that lets you speak your mind-literally.
He lets go of the ship's wheel, and the ship swings around crazily.
More important, it lets them communicate with each other.
Making your own lip balm is easy, and it lets you control what goes into the product you're putting on your lips.
He eagerly splashes around, and lets the water come up to his neck.
Use an image browser that lets you see all of the photos as thumbnails for quick and easy sorting of digital images.
Eating animals, in other words, lets carnivorous plants do what all plants do: grow by grabbing energy directly from the sun.
The caption described in this message lets us know that the image was intended to amuse or entertain people.
It also refers to the moon's particularly bright appearance and early rise, which lets farmers continue harvesting into the night.
Instead, it lets the plover eat small, harmful animals attached to the crocodile's teeth.
Modular detachable bottom padding lets you choose between extra protection and a larger storage area.
Their secret is a patented three-layer membrane that lets perspiration out for comfort but prevents all moisture from penetrating.
Our bonsai kit lets you bring nature indoors as the tree cycles through the seasons.
Our technology lets you make millions of different keys, try them all at once, and isolate the single one that fits.
The city's zoning code lets developers build larger buildings if they top them with eco-roofs.
The entire device is wrapped in a dialysis bag that lets in glucose and oxygen from body fluids.
It lets employees work flexible hours and telecommute up to three days a week.
So discouraging their use, the argument runs, lets people delude themselves into thinking that they are saving the planet.
Unable to identify one plant growing on his doorstep, he leaves it alone and lets it grow: it turns out to be a giant hogweed.
He pokes fun at the art establishment, but he lets viewers in on the joke.
Such social invisibility lets the boys observe any drama unseen.
It also lets up to ten people hold a video chat together.
Around the corner from the market, a small dry-cleaning firm lets customers pay for laundry using their phones.
Then she pours the mush into a well-greased oblong loaf pan and lets it cool.
He works for this concession stand part time, on top of a full-time job with an airline that lets him fly for free.
Then she gets the water boiling, turns it down to a healthy simmer, and lets it steam for about two hours.
It lets you see where your friends are on a map, and lets them track you.
On the screen you'll see a diagram of all the pots' positions, and touching them lets you control temperature and set timers.
Who lets another sit on his shoulder will soon have him on his head.
And lets him guide his acts, and rule his conscience.
No one can understand what philosophy means unless he lets it speak for itself and in its own language.
It has neither pillar nor window, but only a large round aperture in the middle at the top, which lets in the light.
Twitter now lets users attach locations to their messages.
The system lets customers specify rental periods lasting anywhere from a month to a year.
We make updates only when someone lets us know about an addition, change, or correction.
The preparation requires no cutting or fancy folding of parchment paper, and lets each diner unwrap a fragrant, smoky package.
Along these lines, the economists hypothesized that visible consumption lets individuals show strangers they aren't poor.
It takes care of a lot of the lower level challenges and lets you start making stuff immediately.
But, unchecked by the same level of scrutiny they receive on domestic issues, one occasionally lets loose a real head-scratcher.
To do that, he is announcing changes in a federal program that lets homeowners refinance their mortgages even if they lack equity.
Fantasy fiction lets us dwell, however briefly, in days of miracles and wonder.
It's not always clear what's driving regional preferences, but this interactive map lets you see how your state stacks up.
But, lets be honest, you're probably not going to do that.
It simply totes along its bacteria and lets them grow upon reaching a new destination.
When the mice are given access to a machine that lets them administer cocaine to themselves, the defeated mice take more of it.
To get this effect, a bacterium lets loose one of their taut pili while others remain anchored.
Visualizing a recording this way lets you describe the music in terms of geometric shapes instead of as a bunch of frequencies.
He has the air of a respected first-year college teacher, giving you some of his time, and he lets you stay on after office hours.
He is also correct to avoid simplistic psychological diagnoses, and lets the primary evidence speak for itself.
He has been down there among the ooze and sweat and odors, and he lets you know it.
Instead, it's a comprehensive experiential mode that lets you perceive and do things firsthand.
Stan runs alongside the car, but finally lets go of the door handle when he runs into a stop sign.
She lets him in and shows him the phone, but acts suspicious of him when she doesn't see his truck.
He never injures people or animals, or lets the fire get out of control.
She gradually lets go of her once prodigious reading.
Finally, she lets him partner her, but their duet has a note of strangeness and difficulty.
Almost casually he lets slip that he himself has only eight months to live.
The cough catches her throat, grips it, then lets go.
Then she lets drop a few remarks suggesting that she may have killed him.
To make them, he lets the sitters arrange themselves in their homes.
The totalitarian state lets its opponents disappear in silent anonymity.
Software lets workers collaborate online by clicking together.
The map also shows the positions of nearby friends who have enabled a feature that lets them be seen by others.
The electrodes sit inside a dialysis bag that keeps enzymes inside but lets glucose and oxygen flow through.
There were a lot of questions, so lets get right to it.
The writing lets you take your own path in the story.
He gets away with it because the press lets him get away with it.

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