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Example sentences for let go

Soon after, the snakes loosened their grip, then let go.
In desperation he let go but managed to grab the keel of an upturned lifeboat.
He who let go his hold after climbing a tree, and he who borrowed money to lend came to grief.
The adjutant understood him immediately, and let go the end of the chain.
He can't bear to let go her kind little hand, as it were.
But when an opportunity smacks you in the head, grab it with both hands and don't let go.
If we'd let go of his body, it might have got jammed in a wing or the engines.
Two days later he was told if he didn't present a doctor's note by the next day, he would be let go.
Workers are let go quickly in downturns then quickly rehired in the upswing.
When it comes to great teams, nobody is ever ready to let go.
The notion of the finite took hold and would not let go.
He said the area was restricted, and then grabbed my camera and wouldn't let go.
The floors of this house are strewn with the detritus of lives let go, ankle-deep with abandoned possessions.
Sometimes the best way to prepare for it is to let go of life.
We decided to put the dog to sleep but at the last minute my dad decided that he loved the dog too much to let go.
Then he'd let go, until they were around the corner.
He finally let go of the note, stumbling a bit to the side as he finished.
About a year earlier, she had been let go from a big advertising firm as part of what she calls a general bloodletting.
He frequently dazzled restaurants with his technical gifts, then was quickly let go again and again.
Aware that he was still holding her lightly, he became self-conscious and let go.
Let go of that stretched band, and it will relax more or less to its original shape.
When he comes in you are able to let go of all the spiritual baggage that you had bound to you.
Tens of thousands of workers that were required to support it have been let go.
And when there was nothing else doing a volcano would let go and fire them out from wherever they had located.
Wild canine populations challenge us to let go of our obsessive need to categorize.
But by this time there was a climate warming industrial complex that had grown up and wasn't about to let go of their gravy train.
She has also, on more than one occasion, attacked our beagle and tenaciously refused to let go.
Then they can let go, and the wax holds the spring in its compressed position.
The using a fraction of our brain power myth needs to be let go.
They have been feeding off anarchy for so long that they refuse to let go.
It would be such a relief to finally accept that a different path is for me and to let go of the guilt and uncertainty.
At the same time, employees at will can be let go at any time without cause.
If you are let go without getting tenure it is difficult to find comparable positions because the academia world is small.
To those not getting hired or being let go, she urges that you move on-neither wallowing nor fuming, nor hanging on hopelessly.
And whether or not they've formally ended enrollment incentives, you will be let go if you don't enroll students.
There is always money around and others could have been let go before you.
Now's the time to let go of books bought for grad school but never opened since.
Younger teachers are usually the first to be let go, even though seniority does not necessarily ensure quality.
If they did better than that, perhaps even winning power at the ballot box, some fear they might never let go.
But in the end, too many alchemists would not let go of their theories, even as knowledge advanced.
More difficult to let go of was the killing and violence they had witnessed, which had found a way of creeping inside them.
In fact, brutally sacked staff may do more damage than those let go kindly.
And, if people turn against them at the polls, they will never let go.
To resurrect this value, the insiders had to let go.
But some of the company's veterans believe that it is the old-timers who must learn to let go.
She had so much more to write, to read and do that she could not bear to let go.
It is an unusual example of a politician who is willing to let go.
Museums rarely sell their holdings and almost never let go of top-quality pieces.
Yet all evidence shows that his unwillingness to let go is one of the reasons why the nation is currently paralysed.
People can be excellent storytellers when they let go, but they often hold back.
When the top is let go, it takes time for the bottom to find out, and in that time the slinky can collapse.
It is as if one of the parents suddenly let go of the rope and it flew toward the other side.
The first rule of designing any manufacturing process is that once you have control over a part, you don't let go.
We dont want to let go of things our heart desires in this world.
The problem is that once you let go of reality, anything goes.
She can't let go of that dog, so much so that after it dies, she clones it.
Or, you know, something that's a little less easy for him to let go.
In an effort to cut costs, the board let go longtime staff and adjusted benefits to the children of faculty.
It felt good to let go, but that feeling was little.
It's said that the eagle can't let go, that the talons somehow lock on to the fish.
Notice that when you let go of the string, the ball continues going in the direction it was going when you let go.
Drag events happen when you finally let go of the button.
Gather the family together early and decide which traditions to keep and which to let go.
It takes a lot of energy to make water molecules let go of each other to break into the vapor phase.
Prepare to let go of the past and work towards the future.
Being open and dealing with your anger may help you let go of it.
After selecting the profile button, click and drag with the mouse a line and then let go.

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