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Example sentences for let down

National geographic dropped the ball and let down a lot of kids that thought their side of the story was going to be told.
So yeah, it's kind of a let down, but don't get it going.
No reason to tuck our tail between our legs and become stale realist s protected from the potential let down of thinking too big.
We as a society are routinely let down by our heroes.
The idea was to get the prisoner to let down his guard, to trust you and then to let something slip.
Now the bars are let down, and the boundless plain of the universe lies open before them.
The drama of real life will not let down the prose writer.
He is also a politician, and they feel let down by politicians.
As soon as you know the secret to a magic trick, it's a big let down.
So you learn never to have high expectations, because inevitably you're going to be let down.
They feel let down by a government that promised tax cuts but failed to deliver.
Others feel let down when their observations are used in scientific papers, but they are not listed as co-authors.
Those who prefer their reading matter to have been edited, for instance, will feel badly let down.
But if the generals have not always done well by the politicians, the politicians have far more often let down the generals.
She promises a break with the past that appeals to those who feel let down by successive governments.
Governments aren't poised to let down their cherished nukes.
The much-anticipated decision was a big let down for those seeking guidance.
When the state licenses doctors, it causes the public to let down its guard and trust all state licensed doctors to some degree.
She let down a long cord, and he tied a paper bag full of sandwiches to it.

Famous quotes containing the word let down

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