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The designer won't discuss her plans in more detail, lest she divulge trade secrets.
Also, be sure to stay off the bikers' lane, lest you get clipped or cursed at by speeding cyclists.
At the same time, a welcoming remark should be serious, lest you suggest that the occasion is not a solemn one.
Lest you think my rhetoric too strong, look at what the great recession has wrought.
So put the source after the end of the last sentence, lest it be taken as part of the quote.
But the debt limit increase isn't a desire, it's a necessity, lest the nation default on obligations made under both parties.
Lest the queen perspire, it has a layer of tint that's both effective and hardly noticeable.
They were terrified by official letters demanding that the domain be handed over lest the matter be referred to company lawyers.
But that's the kind of story that needs to be kept in check, lest it overwhelm everything else on the show.
During that case the paper admitted it had not sought comment from him prior to publication, lest he seek a gagging order.
For their part, scientists are beefing up their security on the advice of the police, lest animal-rights extremism return.
Even the docile mainstream media were forced to devote more coverage to the opposition, lest readers forsake them.
Lest anybody doubt that the product works, look at the behaviour of cannabis growers.
The reformers are worried lest politics reverses such progress.
Grey firms tend to be small and want to stay that way lest they come to the attention of the authorities.
His fiancée throws it in the fire, lest it haunt the house.
In sweet home-canned goods the goal is to make something that jells, lest you bottle syrup.
These too are a sort of flow that needs to be managed lest it sweep you away.
No outside food items may be brought in by guests or wait staff, lest it contain leavened products.
It is not surprising that she has to remain a mystery, lest the world drain her blood looking for her essence.
Most bizarrely, the health minister has warned people to stay home lest they go to the demonstration and catch the flu.
He said that he didn't want photographs of himself plastered about, lest there be a cult of personality.
Now, lest the beloved engineers in our lives think we're making fun of them, on to something a bit more serious.
It is best not to look lest some of the experiments fail.
Friends and family members are warned to keep their distance, lest they too be branded counterrevolutionaries and punished.
Lawyers are asking companies to destroy all records after three months, lest some sleazeball lawyer play games with discovery.
But lest you think that's an invitation to pile on the pounds-it's not.
Meanwhile, the world's older dams are in dire need of refurbishment, lest the floods burst their bounds.
Jack now needs to turn the light back on lest the entire island be destroyed.
For now, even planes must avoid violating the holy cities, keeping safely away from sacred airspace lest infidels spy from above.
Lest others take part in the quarrel and the pack is diminished by war.
Lest ill valour meet our vengeance-'twas a necessary deed.
And sometimes they burn where the tan oak trees are lest it be brushy when they pick up the acorns.
There are leftover cells, too--cells that must be killed off lest they fatally disrupt the orderly array of facets.
Lest no freedom of expression for any interpretation of reality be forbade.
The pavilion had to be shut down lest anybody fall off and crack a skull.
Most homeowners have to restrict its growth, lest it get out of control.
But with the need to destroy the enemy lest he destroy us, those niceties could not be observed.
But unadulterated optimism was kept in check, lest unfinished business and unpredictable shocks chill the recovery.

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