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Example sentences for lessor

Lease in which the lessor promises to maintain and insure the equipment leased.
It is also a lessor of rail cars and truck trailers.
Increase employment, albeit at a lessor lifestyle, and reduce the real debt.
It is also the biggest issuer of private label credit cards and the biggest aircraft lessor.
He has since suffered several lessor strokes and his health continues to decline.
There's no chance of a lessor helping itself to an extra monthly payment.
Mergers can't produce the big capacity cuts the industry needs without violating all employee and lessor contracts.
The lessor does not collect sales tax from the lessee.
Lessor will take into account the impact of normal industry operational imbalances.
Lessor, given the scope and nature of the emergency.
The lessor may, but does not have to, pay them for you.

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