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In this lesson students will collect information about countries, then enter that information on a chart.
For background information on the topics included in this lesson, see the resource list at the bottom of this lesson plan.
Both groups were then given a lesson in how to solve problems of this sort.
The butterflies' similar appearance imparts the don't-eat-us lesson more efficiently.
And it offers a lesson about the ways in which buildings, people, and towns can reinvent themselves.
There are few words, but words aren't necessary for the lesson this book offers.
We've trained our kids to believe that the only way to succeed is to stare at the blackboard, to fixate on the lesson plan.
If there's a sure lesson from the economic recession, it's that perception matters.
Tabloid television offers a lesson in uncritical thinking.
The video also serves as a quick lesson on paleontology and anatomy.
Recently, the digital rights management crowd got a sharp lesson from the entertainment industry.
The book is a lesson in the limitations of rational expectation.
The lesson is that our world may be an exception to celestial rule.
And if the lesson goes well, it will be an empowering and eye-opening event.
He may well wish he had learned that lesson four years ago.
Really, you thought they would have learned a lesson with oil to be more informed and hopefully have bit more foresight.
One lesson is that nature provide us with the best skills.
Once removed they heal well enough but until that time they are a constant annoyance and object lesson.
But perhaps there is one lesson that science still can offer the politicians.
The lesson for marketers: when it comes to branding, less may be more.
We were greeted by our grandparents who would give us a ride to our lesson.
The lesson of loss will come soon enough, and always as a shock.
In that way, the plot and the lesson do not compete for cognitive resources.
The lesson here is if you are unsure about the science of something do what works for you.
The crashes correct the idiocy out of the system to a large degree until those who learned that lesson die off.
Maybe you should have learned your lesson from that episode.
So the lesson here is not to put charcoal in a bag or bury it in pits or caves.
The pure lesson-book-powder and no jam-was, of course, a necessity.
Never in a long life did he seek to master a lesson so obscure.
It is a lesson to all parents whose principal duty is the holy education of their children.
After a quick retreat to a dense stand of trees, the grizzly got his reward for a lesson learned well: peace and quiet.
She would lean over your desk, or even squiggle onto part of your seat, and review your reading lesson with you.
Thus, this genealogical detective story also becomes part memoir, part family chronicle and part history lesson.
In this lesson, students will learn about many different animals that live in deserts.
In this lesson, students will learn about the importance of wetlands.
In this lesson, students will investigate the truth behind common myths about sharks and shark attacks.
In this lesson, students will learn about and act out the functions of the salt marsh habitat.
The underlying lesson is that innovative thinkers can achieve breakthroughs when challenging dogma.
Scientists trying to help patients with injured spinal cords seem to be taking this lesson to heart.
But lately researchers have been thinking that the lesson in humility has gone too far.
The hardest lesson for students to learn is to disengage themselves from the data and theories in social sciences.
But you didn't come here for a colonial history lesson, you came here for something to eat.
It will be argued that the lesson of history is that officials habitually exaggerate dangers to the nation's security.
And that ought to impart a lesson to elected officials and to the electorate: wars generally go much worse than expected.
And there's a lesson here: with astronomy, what you see is not always what you get.
But it is a lesson in some prodigious feats of physiology.
It makes medicine more fun, and it's a good lesson in academic humility.
And this stuff doesn't always come nicely packaged with detailed instructions and lesson plans.
The real lesson, of course, is that it's awesome to be a professor.
For me, this civics lesson at the mailbox joined together privacy and civil liberties.
Another lesson is that the mind is not the master in its own house.
And while it's not a bad lesson, it could have been more interesting.
It was my eighth birthday and my parents gave me a squash lesson as a present.
One of her functions in this world was to serve as an object lesson for her nephew.
It was a profound lesson to learn at the beginning of the sport.
The real lesson of this overheard conversation was not its specific content but the fact that it could be heard at all.
Max and his sons learned a valuable lesson that day.
Read the entire lesson to get a sense of the content.
Explore our library of humanities lesson plans by subject, theme, and grade level.
Students can complete further research on the lives of the poets referenced in this lesson.
Both primary sources used in the second part of this lesson were written as promotional tracts.
The neutron bomb was a technological marvel-and to understand it requires a brief lesson in the anatomy of nuclear explosives.
If there's a lesson there, it is to pay attention to small anomalies.
My experience was similar, but carries an additional lesson.

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