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But if you take steps to make your house resistant to lesser fires, it may survive.
Additional pressings, often with heat or chemicals, produce lesser-quality oils.
Researchers have learned how to manipulate genes in plants and animals, and to a much lesser extent, in humans.
We unearthed these lesser-known works from well-known personages.
The result is a refreshing display of thoughtful pairings and juxtapositions, including works by some lesser-known artists.
Surrounded by lesser figures, the striking specter nearly eight feet tall shimmers on the canyon wall under the relentless sun.
The lesser poems, if only because of their doubtfulness, may be dealt with more shortly.
But there had been lesser wars and lesser convulsions before that great struggle.
Dangerous wandering a lesser known side of autism.
Pragmatism focuses on economic and strategic interests, and it often requires us to choose the lesser of two evils.
Discover natural splendor in lesser-known national parks.
Staff members discuss local landmarks and inform travelers about lesser-known facts about the area.
To a lesser extent, woodchucks understand the warnings of chipmunks.
The consumption of alcohol and, to a lesser extent, of drugs is growing.
Lesser-known families own the small and medium-sized exporters upon which its post-war prosperity is founded.
The king may no longer appoint prime and other ministers, provincial governors and a host of lesser officials.
Nevertheless, it may be the lesser of the two evils.
In lesser hands it would surely end up disjointed and pretentious.
While lesser country are essentially under their mercy.
Lesser politicians practise a quieter version of this hypocrisy.
Lesser the availability of resources, lesser will be the chances of happiness.
Some prosecutors deliberately overcharge to encourage suspects to plead guilty on lesser counts.
There are dozens of other lesser known candidates running for president.
With a lesser cast, all the film's unrealistic moments would amount to a frustrating, eye-roll-inspiring viewing experience.
The recipe for lacquered porcini is ridiculously simple, and can be done with lesser mushrooms and lesser wine.
Experts characterize dispersants as the lesser of two evils.
To a lesser extent, they also come from natural processes such as volcanoes and forest fires.
Tortoise, and to a lesser extent turtle, were ideal foods for seafarers.
But a different source of motivation is also found in the lesser-known fifth stanza: the draw of transfiguring martyrdom.
Some journals are made available online selectively to lesser developed nations.
Not to mention the scheduled expiration of dozens of lesser-known but beloved tax goodies.
Distance east to west did so as well, although to a lesser extent.
But they might be used to slow small particles down at lesser intensities.
Already wind and to a lesser extent solar energy are making inroads.
When a social good is put it out on the open market, it first becomes lesser in value, and then it becomes higher in price.
And at best, community colleges are designed simply as lesser versions of four-year colleges.
But the million-dollar club also includes the presidents of a number of colleges with lesser national name recognition.
The lesser temptations of the system steadily become part of the daily air they breathe.
They're still unpleasant, but they're the lesser evils, the road less arduous.
Everyone in administration and on committees who cares has had to choose between quitting and staying to be the lesser evil.
Lesser-masked weaver bathing next to a beautiful lily.
Dull reddish edges to lesser coverts create a poorly developed reddish epaulet.
Good ideas become great ideas and the lesser sink to the bottom.
Instead, they can only choose the candidate they see as the lesser of two evils.
They should be automobiles of such charisma as to crush the spirits of lesser breeds.
Much of my life these last few years has been choosing not twixt good and evil but the lesser of two evils.
It's a horror scenario, but one that's mounted without the trashy thrills provided by lesser moviemakers.
The lesser excellences of great writers rarely occur to us, because their works are overwhelming.
My meaning, which refers to a lesser technical point, was thus grossly distorted by this elision.
Such activity ascribes to art a lesser value than the propositions used to judge it.
Without their testimony, the authorities can convict them only on a lesser charge, punishable by two years in prison.
To reach out to this wider audience the crucial medium was television and, to a lesser extent, radio.
It seems unkind to say so, but without her lapse in faith this subtle and paradoxical novel would have been a far lesser work.
He spent his childhood summers busing tables in the vacation area's lesser hotels.
The same is true of some airliners, though to lesser degree.
To a lesser extent, it is also taken out of solution by corals and mollusks to form shells and reefs of carbonates.
We looked down on our colleagues who were masterful communicators as somehow lesser scientists.
The remaining two-thirds is absorbed by the surface and, to a lesser extent, by the atmosphere.
Well, it is a figure of speech, a metaphor true in the sense of unknown or lesser known.
Coming from a physicist of lesser stature, such startling views might be dismissed.
Even among chimpanzees, although to a lesser extent than for penguins.

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