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It should lessen the impact of the tax on new construction and result in refunds for developers who already have made payments.
The wake of the affair will be a long one and no doubt in time its effects will lessen.
Higher pay would lessen the temptations of corruption.
The team relied on special systems to lessen the risks of such extreme diving.
The skill of the forensic anthropologist cannot lessen the anguish of loss, but it can lessen the anguish of doubt.
The new grief-counseling industry tries to help lessen the pain of loss.
And the university hopes the buzz from lowering its price will lessen the amount of merit aid needed to attract top students.
And to lessen the burden for employers, pensions will no longer have to be indexed directly to inflation.
Log on here to learn about some of those impacts and steps being taken to lessen the damage.
It is a real amazing way to sort of lessen a wars bad name.
But there are ways to lessen its potential impact, and one is to become aware of what is going on as quickly as possible.
Some suggest that prayer may lessen stress or strengthen patients' immune systems.
Generally those who wish to lessen the suffering of prisoners get too readily dismissed as bleeding hearts or soft on criminals.
It tends to lessen inequality among countries and increase it within them.
Music artists try to lessen their impact by requiring venues to be more eco-conscious.
Cut faded flowers to prolong bloom and lessen production of seedpods.
Whenever possible, medication should be avoided or reduced to lessen the risk of side effects.
After all, experience teaches, only if the involved is open to the lessen.
Solar energy has drawbacks, but continued innovation and demand can lessen them.
But better anesthesia choices can lessen the impact.
But creating the film has helped lessen the feeling.
Doing so prevents certain types of bacteria from attaching to the wall of the bladder and may lessen your chance of infection.
The sting does lessen with time and with each successful submission.
However, these inequalities are likely to lessen now.
In the face and one leg of the right-hand statue there are deep cracks, which do not lessen the uncanny effect of the sculpture.
Instead, it's the right move to focus on how they happen and how to lessen their injurious effects.
Antibiotics and medicine may be prescribed to lessen the discomfort, if needed.
Please know that whatever you are going through and feeling will lessen with time.
The cheetah's future may look dim, but conservationists have been working to lessen the decline in some areas.
Football helmets are built to lessen the impact of two major types of hits.
But the chart also shows that labor losses lessen with age and are positive for a number of age groups.
But if you're morally prepared for it, it'll actually help you lessen the shock.
He cuts his feet badly while outrunning the horse, but not even the bruises can lessen his bravado.
For a start, it will lessen the foreign-exchange risk of cross-border investment.
Negative peer group and school situations may lessen those influences, as in my case.
Social networks can lessen loneliness and boost self-esteem.
Dust that cools a desert can change local airflow patterns and lessen the amount of rain that falls in surrounding areas.
To lessen the shock of a possible impact he slowed down to twelve knots.
But he added that the procedure might be enough to lessen her long-shot hopes of winning a medal.
Large coal reserves and plans to build power stations could lessen reliance on diamonds.
Refinancing would lessen the likelihood of more failures.
But that doesn't lessen the esteem he has for his ex-boss.
It wants to lessen its dollar exposure, but it also wants to hold down the yuan.
The best way to help lessen the demand for palm is to avoid all products that contain it.
Declaring something an urgent moral crisis and then doing nothing to lessen your own role in it would indeed make you a hypocrite.
In the meantime, the city is trying several options to lessen the odor.
But there are ways to prevent or lessen the effects of extreme heat.
Alternatively, the everyday-low-price pull may lessen as prices stop falling so quickly.
One grand strategy that serves that purpose and more is to lessen our use of fossil fuel in every way possible.
Regional policy supposedly aims to lessen inequalities.
So they are eager to lessen their dependence on memory chips while being seen to cooperate with foreign companies.
Therefore, every country must do its part to lessen their debts and in doing so, help the entire world economy back on its feet.
Misgivings also seem to lessen if the land lease is long.
While this study may lessen a bit of my guilt for traveling by plane, it truly reinforces my preference for the train.
Regardless of what you do after getting it does not lessen the fact that you have it.
Add to this, the gale did not lessen as the day came on, but the sun rose in clouds.
She upbraided herself for the sentiment, but could not overcome or lessen it.
Such a tax must in all cases either raise the wages of labour, or lessen the demand for it.
They did not lessen her fortune, but bestowed that portion on the poor which they had designed for her husband.
They have been the foes of the priesthood, and have often sought to lessen its power and destroy its influence.
But the slogging hours of the writing day never alter or lessen or, really, change much.
At the same time, insurance companies enforce certain restrictions to lessen their risks.
Bioengineering could lessen the negative impact of biofuels.
If they are sufficiently efficient, they could also lessen the cooling requirements.
To help lessen the appearance of dark circles, follow these guidelines.
More require breeder permits to lessen unwanted animals.
Specialized earplugs exist that help to lessen these symptoms caused by flying.
Try foot powders and antiperspirants to lessen odors.
Finally, though it's a long shot, the ability to isolate stem cells may even lessen the escalating need for blood transfusions.
If successful, the research may produce a practical way to lessen the effects of the disease.
Techniques can be used to lessen somebody's fear of spiders or heights, for example.
Social grooming doesn't prevent mosquito bites, and it can only lessen but not eliminate flea bites.
But he has steadfastly refused to answer questions about how specifically to solve the problems, or even lessen them.
Many ski areas employ avalanche control teams to lessen the danger by starting slides before skiers head for the slopes.
But good diabetic control can prevent or lessen chances of later blindness, amputation, stroke and other illnesses.
Any good bereavement counselor knows that it is impossible to lessen the pain or to truly console the bereaved.
He is unable to correct or lessen any of these horrors.
Smart design of average condominiums, offices and other common buildings can significantly lessen their urban footprint, too.
We don't have to look into the future to see how a society's response can lessen, or worsen, the impact of a drought.
Stress is unavoidable, but there are ways to lessen the burden.
Consumers demanded new features to lessen their own risk.
Tighter fiscal policy in emerging economies, for instance, could lessen the chance of overheating.
But against anyone looking to the state to lessen material inequalities in the name of fairness he mounted a formidable challenge.
And, at the same time, lessen a huge national security problem.
For some people, the lack of sunlight is a real problem, but there are ways to get enough light to lessen the winter blues.
Other drug therapy may be used to lessen the need for transfusions.
Also used to lessen certain side effects that may be caused by some cancer treatments.
Advance planning and knowing how to protect buildings in these areas can lessen the devastation of a wildland fire.

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