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Not all sports are fully funded and many have a scholarship cap of less than the number on a sport roster.
Surprisingly, less than half the people in the room raised their hands.
Today, the technology produces less than one tenth of one percent of global energy demand.
Despite their scale, each of the jets had come and gone within less than half a second.
To date, taxonomists have identified less than two million distinct species, mostly mammals and birds.
On land less than a third of the large animal species made it.
The total area that the sea ice occupies now is not much less than it was a couple of decades ago.
Sumner suspects the genetic disorder affects less than one percent of the fox population.
Fir plywood gives this home a warm look for less than standard wood paneling.
Needs moderate water but considerably less than turf does.
Best of all, this extravaganza of plants requires less than one-half the water the lawn needed.
Now, as summer approaches, many reservoirs are still less than half full.
The pair filed for divorce less than two weeks later.
In thirty-five years the city of less than a hundred thousand came to harbor half a million souls, for whom homes had to be found.
Parliament had approved an austerity budget less than a month earlier.
He spotted that local coins had a face value less than the value of the silver from which they were made.
But no amount of money can in itself make a million qualified teachers materialise in less than a generation.
They are not the first to find that the value of shares obtained by exercising options is less than the tax liability on them.
To put it differently there is no evidence that democracies grow more or less than authoritarian regimes.
Maybe you're pleased that it cost less than a bottle of shampoo.
And then realizing, with mock horror, that she had less than an hour to dress for the night ahead.
There was about less than a minute that he was in there by himself.
Two of the paintings were later found in an unlocked car parked at a psychiatric facility, less than a mile from the museum.
In the fingertip experiment, however, the friction increased less than expected.
Prices have dropped and over the lifetime of a system the price paid is somewhat less than the cost from the utility.
It amounted to less than a percent of the population.
It generally costs the same or less than medications.
The need for chimpanzees in antiviral drug development is much less than it was five years ago.
We were able to power it on and begin snapping in less than three seconds.
Heck, a donkey could probably pull it off in less than two hours.
Soft wheat has less protein, therefore less gluten, than the wheat used for all-purpose flour and a lot less than bread flour.
Such brake jobs would be needed less than once a year with the hydraulic regenerative braking system.
Remarkably, the company went from lab tests of its technology to commercial production in less than three years.
Data can be written and read in less than a nanosecond.
Most operational spacecraft use protective shielding to mitigate the impact of objects less than one centimeter in diameter.
The pair have developed devices less than five centimeters long that transform slight vibrations into usable electricity.
The speed of dissemination is breathtaking: mangled to meme in less than two days.
Teachers make much less than professionals with similar skills and education.
It's not uncommon for the final game to be a tense affair that spends much of its time at less than full throttle.
She objected, telling him that she'd had a complete physical less than a month before, but that didn't deter him.
She weighed twenty-five pounds less than she had in the fall.
He owns roughly thirty million dollars in stock-less than one per cent of the company-and has sold millions more over the years.
In less than half a year after their marriage, he abandoned her.
Jim thought that real doughnuts were nothing less than spiritual doughnuts.
The next day you can go back to eating normally, but ensure you eat less than you would have normally.
They're so close they all take less than two days to circle it once.
The snails probably survive because of their small size, averaging less than a tenth of an inch in length, and compact shells.
Drug industry expenditures for research and development, while large, were consistently far less than profits.
Now, with presidential elections less than six weeks away, the old formula may no longer work.
For private dissent, no less than public discussion, is essential in our free society.
But they have long been using this to good effect, for social no less than for political or military history.
The probability that the result was due to pure chance was less than one chance in ten million.
The tiger was less than a mile away and had already detected his presence.
He was sentenced to five and a half years in prison, far less than the life sentence military prosecutors had long sought.
It interests them much less than you, and they are right.
And the two careers together account for less than a dozen of his sixty-three years.
Yet the damage does seem so far to have been less than feared.

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