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As and when the market for structured finance revives, it will be smaller and less rewarding than before.
Conversely, words that are smaller appear less frequently.
Psychiatrists are talking less and prescribing more.
In fact, cost-conscious consumers may start buying more fancy food than before, to make up for going out to restaurants less.
It will cost less and additional natural resources and energy won't be used to produce it.
City dwellers may handle pressure differently from those who live in less populated areas.
For protein, eat less beef and more pork, chicken and fish.
See how to get the look of built-in floating shelves, with less cost and more flexibility.
In parallel, the software started relying less on the manual, and more on its game experience.
Nations with more climatic disasters grew faster over the long run than the less disaster-prone.
Those obligations can keep faculty members from talking to one another, much less to their colleagues in other departments.
The company says production costs are kept to a minimum because they require less silicon.
If you painstakingly contemplate eating the food you're about to dig into, there's a good chance you'll eat less of it.
In today's economy, spending less doesn't have to mean getting less.
Beware of the latest line in less lethal weapons: a scooter equipped with an air gun.
Exonerated defendants are less likely to have serious criminal records.
They had to wait tables for people who could be less than polite-people who sometimes reminded them of themselves.
As a result, they are less responsive to their babies.
It's less wasteful to purchase a small bottle, and the containers are recyclable.
Turns out wizards and knights seem far less noble when they're trying to steal your stuff.
People judge alcohol drinkers as less intelligent.
Less well known is that he also painted in another medium, living organisms.
In dry form, they're usually less expensive than their organic counterparts.
Buying local doesn't always mean the purchase is less energy-intensive.
Fir plywood gives this home a warm look for less than standard wood paneling.
Although some choice is undoubtedly better than none, more is not always better than less.
He told her it was a piece of reindeer bone, to make the coffee taste less bitter.
Because swimming isn't safe here, it gets much less crowded than other beaches in the area.
The organization sells treadle pumps through its own network of local distributors, usually for less than a hundred dollars.
More dust, less rain and even more dust can become a vicious cycle that ultimately creates increasingly more desert lands.
White seems to have been captivated by less digestible fare.
Sleepy-looking less so by the second-offers him an elbow.
No one ever found any dead vultures, there were simply less and less of them.
The birth of something less beastly could not be ruled out.
The less adventurous can view them from a boardwalk that winds through their nesting sites.
The cats are not transgenic animals-their genes have not been altered to make them less of an allergy risk.
The idea was that less words meant less thought and communication.
Less time in the kitchen may mean more time with the family, but not necessarily.
Shellfish are a far less dramatic prey but still an important part of the leopard seal's diet.
The ice elevation normally changes less than a tenth of that amount each year.
But some aspects of the buggies' design proved to be less than ideal.
Less brightness means less of the sun's energy is reflected back into space.
He was impressive in motion and no less formidable when he was still.
You'll also cut down on oil changes because you get less residue.
The foreign parents tend to be less race and gender biased.
Over the course of two weeks, the orangutans used even less energy than predicted.
Because they burned more energy to run the same distance it indicates their bodies performed less efficiently after stretching.
One is efficiency: pursuing the same objectives at less cost.
It is better educated, highly urbanised, far more exposed to the outside world and much less patient.
Now, as summer approaches, many reservoirs are still less than half full.
The more precise and unusual the request, the less people were able to resist it.
The simple two-cycle kinds have more efficient engines and require less mechanical know-how to stay in running order.
There is little reason to fear a decade of stagnation, much less a depression.
Less often remarked upon, but more significant, is the important role that the ocean plays in our lives.
Today's tender turkeys take much less time to cook than tougher birds of yore.
The better it does its job, the less likely you are to stay awake to appreciate it.
These battery-driven, mechanical devices produce nothing less than the call of the wild.
Wiry stems make the plants less subject to breakage than petunias, and tobacco budworms seem uninterested in foliage and flowers.
So far, the experience has made me want to work less and enjoy life more.
New device quells blazes with less risk to firefighters.
Since this method cuts right through leaves, it's best done on small-leafed plants, where damage is less noticeable.
And the heavier the accent, the less believable they were perceived to be.
With many alternate routes, streets can be narrower, making them safer to cross and less land intensive.
Tough, carefree shrubs may not be bothered by such intrusion, but less rugged individuals may be weakened.
Population is growing, leaving less and less to eat.
Moist places, such as streamsides, in more or less open forest or in coastal scrub.
Overindulging in wine or spirits often makes the following morning much less enjoyable.
As more water was diverted for agriculture, less and less river water flowed into the sea.
Push the pedal, and the brain is less able to rewire itself.
It's more or less impossible to define hysteria in a way that a physician today would find acceptable.
Most of the species of this genera, though less familiar, are choice plants for landscape use.
Preparing notes and bibliographies in a consistent style has long been one of the less glamorous tasks of academic writing.
Gathering that light and beaming it into the viewer's pupils makes it appear far brighter with much less power to run the display.
The level of detail could revolutionize epilepsy treatment by allowing for less invasive procedures to detect and treat seizures.
The longer the period preventing a major melt, the less heat generated which requires less cooling.
The maker of luxury vehicles is developing a less expensive line aimed at people more interested in phones than cars.
Research has shown that people with two defective copies of the gene are less susceptible to alcoholism.
And electricity from the grid is cheap: the equivalent of a gallon of gas costs less than a dollar.
As solar panel manufacturers try to harvest more of the sun's energy for less, they face increasingly diminishing returns.
T he idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
The researchers also watched what happened when they varied the molds to create gel blocks that contained more or less gelatin.
The tiny sprouts-less than an inch across-lack the bitterness of their full-grown counterparts.
Here, his cooking is less fussy, more direct and earthy.
In order to make it less appealing, the margarine was sold only in colorless form.
Use the lime any way you would be using the lemon, but remember that it's more gentle in its sourness and requires less sugar.
Its slow cooking provided another economy in that it broke down cheaper, tougher cuts of meat for tastier, less expensive meals.
Soft wheat has less protein, therefore less gluten, than the wheat used for all-purpose flour and a lot less than bread flour.
The thicker the rind on a cheese, the less likely it is to be eaten.
While they're spending less, they're still paying the stars-to make less movies.
So when you don't win the first year, it's less expected in future years.
Though their spirit was high, a grimmer reality was settling in-that things are only going to get less comfortable.
Tabloid shows and cable news networks have been built on much less.
Sure, less than a decade ago, he was on top of the world.
For many, there was now measurably less reward in watching sports than there used to be, a clear and declarable loss.
Much of the citizenry has become more restive-less accepting of the way things are.
Indeed he rarely bothers to define them, much less to use them consistently.
Every minute more of it means one minute less of us.
My ears catch less and less of conversations, and my eyes have weakened, though they are still insatiable.
Thatcher's grudges are much less long-standing, but they are nonetheless lively.
Transplantation spread quickly from developed to less developed countries.
Early-modern scholars were polymaths who were expected to know about more or less everything.
Its results have been known with far less completeness.
But they have long been using this to good effect, for social no less than for political or military history.
Less and less do voters identify themselves as members of one party or another.
Less attention has been paid to an even sharper paradox.
Virtual colonoscopies offer a less-intrusive procedure than the more uncomfortable optical option.
Sometimes rather more than half, sometimes rather less.
Say that the practical issues could all be worked out, and domestic partnerships could be made more or less equitable.
But the study has less to do with the content of books and more to do with the act of reading.
But they may be paid far less, and for many it won't be a full time job at all.
Sonny seems less confident about recordings than other musicians are.
But humans, in this case, had some of the less interesting reactions to the quake.
How they choose to do it is less interesting, in the end, than why they were driven to do it in the first place.
But although deep pockets help in a downturn, recessions nonetheless create more opportunity for challengers, not less.
Many of us with less-than-perfect vision fantasize about waking up one morning able to see perfectly.
Elite cricket players did a much better job than less skilled ones at anticipating the outcome of a pitch.
Less than half the surgeries, drugs, and tests that doctors recommend have been proved effective.
Astronomers think they know the chemical history of the universe, more or less.
But, there is wiggle room around this number, and you may have more or less.
Mythology imbues the vampire bat with supernatural powers, but its real abilities are no less extraordinary.
In short, you will be nicer and more talented than people with less melanin--that is, white people.
Scientists may soon be able to cut those eight wasted hours down to three or four-by waving a wand, more or less.
People did well on these tests even when they glimpsed each of the pictures for less than one tenth of a second.
The country needs more of these robotic space exploration missions, not less.
The hotter the contents of the cell, the less voltage required to initiate this reaction.
But lowering air intake means the body gets less oxygen as well as fewer pollutants.
They're much more sympathetic to disability, social security, and other transfers to the less able-bodied.
Since other journalists are less constrained, they get less access.
We believe that more speech is better than less speech.
There is less data about books than web pages, but there is more structure to it, and there's less spam to contend with.
The proper inference from our work is not that one group is more enlightened, or less.
The ultimate result could be lower crime rates, at a reduced cost, and with considerably less inhumanity in the bargain.
Everywhere these populations have been laid down originally in more or less distinct strata.
By taking on less divisive problems, politicians could make real progress without spurring outrage.

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