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Example sentences for lesion

Have any suspicious lesion checked immediately, especially if it has grown quickly or is partially flat and partially raised.
Local brain damage of this sort is known to neurologists as a lesion.
It also bears distinctive knife cuts, a pierced ear, and a lesion near the nose.
It makes me wonder what would happen if they tried to lesion at a low pitch.
Note the presence of multiple colors within this melanoma lesion.
Studying it therefore became known as the lesion method.
In the case of a stroke, you say, the lesion is here.
The exact type of biopsy depends on how deep the lesion has penetrated the skin.
The result: a lesion which grew to four inches and put her in the hospital for a couple weeks.
Once a suspicious lesion is found, a biopsy is needed to diagnose basal cell cancer.
Removing the source of irritation is important and may cause the lesion to disappear.
Diagnosis is based mainly on the appearance of the skin lesion.
Call your health care provider if you know you have been exposed to anthrax, or if you develop a skin lesion as described above.
The skin lesion of histoplasmosis may also appear as a mouth ulcer.
Call for an appointment with your health care provider if you have a skin lesion that bleeds easily or that changes appearance.
Diagnosis is made on the basis of the appearance or culture of the lesion.
Symptoms in multiple sclerosis depend on the location of the nerve lesion.
Fox also cautioned doctors against freezing a lesion to see if it went away unless there was no doubt about its nature.
If wrinkles are accompanied by a skin lesion that has changed in appearance, diagnostic tests may include a skin lesion biopsy.
His athletic trainer sent him straight to the emergency room, where the lesion was lanced and cultured.
Later, it emerged he had broken his neck and had a partial spinal cord lesion.
Leopold proves the existence of such general infection by means of the dulness, which thus suggests a metastatic lesion.
Brain traumatic lesion is e serious and frequent disorder, also in sport.
Then you systematically lesion or remove various organs or nuclei in the brain, until the rhythm disappears.
The device could be used to help determine the size and shape of the lesion or tumor, as well as its elasticity and mobility.
Enthusiasts took material from an actual human smallpox lesion and inoculated somebody else with it.
Or a selective lesion in some social center of the brain.
She tested negative until this week, when she began exhibiting symptoms, including a lesion on her skin.
Conversely, a noncancerous lesion appears smaller in an enhanced image.
Doctors treated a small precancerous lesion on his left arm but indicated it was nothing serious.
She had a biopsy after a routine test detected changes in a lesion, or tumor, on her spine.
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