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For even spacing, measure the distance between plants with a piece of wood of the desired length.
These intentionally confusing spaces are created in part by a long void that cuts through the length and height of the museum.
Add the length, width and height of your luggage to obtain its total dimensions.
Dimensional length is the sum of the object's length, height and width.
After packing, measure the height, width and length of your bags and weigh them to ensure they fit the guidelines of your airline.
The extent of subdivision will vary with the length of the composition.
The limit is presumed to occur because the structures at the end of chromosomes, called telomeres, reach a critical length.
The true test of its value is not the length and density of its expression, it is the consequent actions.
They also controlled for income, education, race and length of relationship.
But don't be fooled by the notion that on the autumnal equinox the length of day is exactly equal to the length of night.
Anything below that level on the shore will be flooded for a length of time.
The entire factory operated off a single shaft that ran the length of the rickety, old wooden building.
Males easily extended full length into both a straight tube or into one that curled in the same direction as the duck did.
Others try holding reading material at arm's length.
Those papers range in length from several pages to tens of pages depending on the topic and journal.
One ranking counts both the number of conflicts and their length.
The normal length of the hair is an individual and species specific trait.
It typically weighs half a ton and reaches six feet in length.
But cool summer temperatures offset the advantages of summer day length.
Successive reappointments of up to four years in length are possible.
Another problem, however, is the increasing length of books as the result of the physical ease of word processing.
Their original intention was to understand how the hours of daylight affect the length of the mosquitoes breeding season.
Previous mathematicians discovered similar structures which are continuous and bounded but of infinite length.
Osborn based this supposition on what he thought was a change in tailbone anatomy about halfway down the organ's length.
Instead, the length of some courses will be based on how quickly students can master the subject, he said.
They are gray-brown and have distinctive tail fins that can be up to one-fourth their total length.
The stretching of the joint is soon thereafter limited by the length of the capsule.
Along the length of the craft, nearly all windows are welded shut.
If you have been around academic environments for any length of time, you know the scenario.
Transactions with external suppliers were at arm's length.
The process varies in length but often takes a number of years.
It can't be that a photon particle is causing the vibration because the photon's length itself would have to be meters long.
It might increase the number of storms, the length they last, their maximum strength or the proportion that are strong.
To produce the third split, the beam continuing along the length of the crystal occasionally splits into two again.
Recording length is limited to the amount of available memory, but settings in the apps can customize times.
As a rule of thumb, it is safest to bury a seed no deeper than its length.
We ask ourselves this question constantly, and our answers shape the quality and even the length of our lives.
Take the quail out of the bag and cut in half length wise.
The gene's length also affects the severity of symptoms.
The herb section alone looks to be the length of a city block.
Simply adding the normal length protein to the golden zebrafish returned it to a darker color.
Protect them with a coat of white latex paint or a length of corrugated drain pipe split lengthwise.
Too many people see a reply as an invitation to go on at length about the injustices of the system.
Its long, leathery neck can stretch to the length of a baseball bat or recoil to a wrinkled nub.
The one that is going to fall over the fastest is the plain rod of length l.
The legal implications have been explored at length.
In her research, she has found citations for several mola that were quite large in length but not weighed in a reliable manner.
The size of the pie corresponds to the length of the film.
One thing that will really help you enjoy the weather is a full length winter coat.
The crystals formed strings down the length of the hair fiber.
It was one page in length with no test dates, no contact information, nothing.
The impact of warming can be seen on a road that runs parallel to the line for much of its length.
Reduce the length of sports seasons and reduce or eliminate nontraditional seasons.
The length and quality of a typical retirement has increased.
Top-rank males in all groups stayed boss for roughly the same length of time-a year.
State legislatures also vary on session length and staff support.
The house's ability to rotate is thus limited only by the length of the hoses at full stretch.
Those records showed that the length of time the fog hung around at ground level during the day had radically diminished.
Many firms now keep employees at arm's length by taking them on as part-timers, rather than full members of the corporate family.
Shoulder-length hair and patent leather party shoes complete the ensemble.
Many feathered dinosaurs did not have wings or were too heavy, relative to the length of their feathered limbs, to fly.
As waves travel its length, the machine bends up and down.
He would peer at length through the eyepiece, then down at his sketch pad and draw a line or two, then return to the eyepiece.
The vernal equinox-one of two times each year when night and day are officially of equal length-is upon us.
Mosquitoes use the length of day to anticipate the oncoming winter and to plan hibernation.
Each season brings with it distinct changes in weather, temperatures, and length of daylight.
The ideal lacing should create uniform tension along the length of the lace.
At full length the rod measures a hair less than eight feet.
There are riots and protests the length and breadth of the land.
Students with an undergraduate business degree can reduce the programme length by about half.
The other camp, by contrast, thinks that the spectrum can be chopped into categories anywhere along its length.
Since then, royal aides have cannily worked to secure autonomy and arms-length financing from government.
Given the length and depth of his career, it is tempting to say that this intellectual influence is impossible to measure.
The first book-length collection of poetry in more than a decade from one of our arts and literature reviewers.
But many companies now feel that arm's-length philanthropy-simply writing cheques to charities-is no longer enough.
Doing so in sequence along the length of the torus generates forward motion.
Degree and length of hold are the key measures: the theatre is important here, not the actual regret.
Wear your lightweight shirt and jeans or knee-length shorts in a durable material going into midday and afternoon.
Letters are edited for accuracy, clarity and length.
Submissions are edited for length, accuracy and clarity.
At birth the humerus is ossified in nearly its whole length, only the extremities remaining cartilaginous.
They increase in length from the first to the seventh, then gradually decrease to the twelfth.
It is composed of several layers of fibers, which vary in length, but are closely interlaced with each other.
He is more than six feet tall and in the past three years has gone from shoulder-length hair to a shaved head.
He suggested a huge two-floor bridge the full length of the site, flying over the sculpture garden.
And it can work-or not-at long or short or medium length.
They talked at length about his diet, his physical activity, his responsibilities and how they weighed on him.
Post-book-tour despair, that surprising companion to the despair one feels during book tour, was then discussed at length.
Seven years ago, another blogger asked me for a post-length summary of my practical views about drug policy.
They only had oak, and only in one length: enormous.
The annual prizes reward both journalism and book-length writing.
These codes typically run a few dozen bytes in length.
Mid-block crossing rises in frequency with the length of a trip, one-way roads, and curbside parking.
Some of the vineyard's pedigree comes through, but this uninspiring, medium-bodied wine possesses little depth or length.
Papers of the length you describe couldn't possibly meet that time limit.
So, for me it's more about the quality of the journal than about the length of the communication.
Length is the main advantage of journal articles over books.
Always limit the length of a meeting and monitor the time so that it doesn't go on too long.
Almost half the time, they cite sources four pages or fewer in length.
Moreover, athletes should be allowed to negotiate the maximum length.
It is definitely not defined in terms of percentage of length of work or even the time spent on screen.
Normally, the entire length of the rotor blade interacts with the vortex of the preceding blade.
Each planet is flanked by moons, orbiting at a speed based on the length of the track.
Part of the severity and length of that heat wave is attributed to global warming.
So across the breadth of mammals, there are many norms for hair length, or fur length.
The length of the lines are indicative of the delay between those two nodes.
As birds increase in size, the rate at which they grow their feathers doesn't keep up with their longer feather length.
And in cancer cells, which unfortunately do not seem to age, telomere length is maintained virtually indefinitely.
The length of the delay is not exciting, he explains rather the point would be whether a delay exists at all.
In our house would have a couple bulbs burning for that length of time in any given day.
He possessed the correct number of teeth, the right length of limb, five senses in workable order.
No, but for the length of the scene, she might have been.
No due date, no length specified, no need to return the book if not interested.
Roughly speaking, the top speed of a swimmer or flyer is proportional to its length.
Ivy poses in a full-length one that accentuates her bodacious body.
He drifted off when the teacher talked at any length.
The hardest part for me was swimming the length of the pool and back with my feet tied together and hands tied behind my back.
At length, the engines caught and they raced on to they knew not where-no one had told them where they would be getting off.
It wasn't necessarily about a high-quality, full-length, full-screen experience.
On the other hand, the length of a day also can increase.
All these distinctions are apparent not in the number or length of the barks but in their tonal qualities.
The smaller aircraft flew down the length of the runway while the pilot of the larger one pulled back the stick and climbed.
Reference to length of circadian rhythm also adjusted.
However, a double-length strand might pair with two complementary shorter strands lined up end to end.
The electric dipole moment is measured in units of length.
The snails probably survive because of their small size, averaging less than a tenth of an inch in length, and compact shells.
The upper line looks longer than the lower line, even though they're the same length.
They can stretch out slowly to twice their ordinary length and then pull back again without any harm.
Prices for the prayers vary, depending on the length.
On one side of the cylindrical chamber, about halfway down its length, is a halogen movie-projector lamp.
They only make contact with the ground at a few spots along the length of their bodies.
The balloon is made of polyurethane-coated nylon, and expands to a maximum length of eight inches and diameter of two inches.
These conductivity changes can be detected by metal wires that run the length of the fiber.
Back then, the two disciplines operated at arm's length.
Other companies offer software that can count the length of a checkout line and summon staff if a new register needs to be opened.
The former is more akin to doodles than to any formal structured writing style in both content and length.
Current drive-time predictions on online maps rely on the length of road and the posted speed limit.
The cost of the car will depend on the length of the service contract, he says.
Only a specific wave length, a subset of the microwave spectra, will boil water.
When loading a plane with liquid fuel the decreasing requirement for fuel over the length of the trip is taken into account.
Nobody could give an accurate length estimate because there has never been a systematic survey.
Alloy's writers are usually in their twenties, and often have little or no experience writing a full-length novel.
Twenty-one inches was my length, eight pounds five ounces my weight.
Her movements were swift and precise, and within minutes she had deepened the shaft to more than her body length.
The length of banishment can be from a day to a lifetime, police reports show.
Musicians are controlled right down to the length of their hair.
There is one photograph in particular where she is looking straight at the camera and she's got shoulder-length hair and a fringe.
Length is a measure of how long something is from end to end.

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