lending library in a sentence

Example sentences for lending library

Guests can swim at the indoor pool, relax in the hot tub or pick up a book at the lending library.
The clubhouse offers exercise equipment, a lending library, public telephone and mail room.
It also has a lending library with books and movies.
The inn features an indoor pool, fitness center and lending library.
The hotel offers such free perks as afternoon tea and a lending library.
Two outdoor swimming pools, a lending library and a full-service spa with multiple therapy treatments are located on the property.
Additional amenities include a lending library, a rec room and an exercise room.
The park's lending library offers books for younger children.
Charges for lost or damaged books are billed to you at whatever rate the lending library charges.
If an item is returned late and there are overdue fines from the lending library, you are responsible for the charges.
The lending library should process requests promptly.
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