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Studying their composition and behavior may lend clues about how our planets formed.
However, not all enzymes and redox mediators lend themselves well to such bonding.
Various types of boxwood lend themselves to different uses.
One of the biggest problems with e-books is that you can't lend or re-sell them.
At one point, the university also said it might lend some of its valuable artwork for a fee rather than sell it.
Owners are often, understandably, reluctant to lend them.
Dyes and etching lend an extra dimension to an item.
Those perceptions have not been tested rigorously in people, but animal studies lend credence to them.
Witty, sometimes bawdy, skater names and costuming lend an air of performance to the sport.
Used fresh or dry, its leaves lend a pleasant, mildly sweet flavor to sauces and cooked dishes of all sorts.
When they return backstage to pack up, offer to lend a hand.
Slang can streamline or lend poetry to language, or both.
Cobblestones, ironwork, and old plaster facades lend an air of antiquity to a roadside café.
If you want to watch the ice palace go up, or even lend a hand, plan to arrive a few weeks early.
The peaked roofs, solid colors, and simple shapes of the birdhouses lend continuity to the design.
They differ from each other profoundly, but not in ways that lend themselves to such hierarchical judgments.
Thumb-sucking ruminations lend themselves to question marks.
These birds also lend their name to a colorful flower.
Of course, universities' eagerness to lend a hand is not free from self-interest.
We can already tell that this endeavor does not lend itself to a placid household.
Find out what they've been up to in the field and how you can lend a hand.
The type of buyer, if researched properly, that will lend some credence to this process.
Lamps glow with animal silhouettes, and wood carvings lend artistry.
Student loans will be better served through a direct lend program.
He is always willing to lend a helping hand, and does his best at everything he tries.
Naturally low in fat and compatible with a world of flavors, noodles lend themselves to healthy eating.
At first, they were allowed to lend only in foreign currencies.
The sounds of wildlife lend a feeling of remoteness to the sites, even with traffic nearby.
The new results lend further theoretical support to such observations.
Spicy sausage, sweet potato, and saffron lend an exotic touch to this otherwise simple chowder.
But ongoing trends are likely to lend growing weight to the argument against this position.
Also the gene-therapy viruses that might lend themselves to cheating don't work as easily as had been hoped.
Kudos to this organization and to all who lend a willing hand and heart to rescue and restore our natural world.
Maybe then even the egocentrics out there will be willing to lend a hand.
Always look for unusual angles to lend more interest to your photographs.
But it does lend some perspective to the genetic pedigree of the species and individual.
All courses and gyms will rent or lend you gear to use.
Each wrestler has a coach at his side to lend encouragement and to herald the heroic deeds of his charge.
Second, only the government will lend for long periods, and not to everyone.
If you don't have an umbrella, ask your hotel to lend you one.
So trust may lend itself to better interpersonal intuition.
Run your bank into the ground and the taxpayer will lend it money.
Recycling metal into artwork can lend a hand to the green living movement.
Those really don't lend themselves to studies of laughter and happiness.
The taxpayer would still have to find the money to lend to the future medics, however, and might be unwilling to do so.
It's totally bogus: bleeding heart desires to lend money to poor people contributed only at the margins.
Green power may lend both philosophical and practical benefits.
The first and final hours of daylight can lend your subject a soft, warm glow.
Sadly, it is not only the bird's beauty and secretiveness that lend it its appeal.
Each museum would temporarily lend the other six of its pictures to round out the two collections.
They'll probably lend you the install media for the price of a pint if you explain the problem.
But the only way they can do so is to borrow short and lend long.
These beliefs systems simply lend themselves more coherently towards those forms of government cheers tim.
Science is not the only area that can lend itself to internships directly related to research interests.
He had gone there to lend support to striking city garbage workers.
PPt, not so much, though the occasional lecture does lend itself to it.
It will lend a sheen of cool to the company's products and should improve the brand's visibility among a younger set of consumers.
Most of the focus is on electric power because motorcycles lend themselves to electrification readily.
The results don't exactly lend themselves to wedded bliss.
Virtual worlds simply lend literal and graphical form to this ideal.
Metal-free joints lend an uncomplicated, casual feel.
Lend your ears, offer all the help you can, but do not get involved in acrimony against either parent.
Housing sales will slump and the interest rate will drop to encourage people to lend money.
But the city does rather lend itself to such teasing.
When a player gets into debt and can't persuade anybody else to lend to him, he goes bankrupt.
In addition to looking fantastic, the psychedelic mouse minds will likely lend insight into how brains work.
Blocks of color, either the same hue or different ones of about equal tonal value, can lend depth.
Way to diminish it to lend credence to your own idea instead of being objective.
But, these issues can be technically challenging and a face-to-face debate does not lend itself well to such issues.
The fact that there are several different versions to choose from doesn't lend it any credence either.
The emotional pain or exhaustion involved does not lend itself well to problem solving.
But you seem to forget that not all subjects and situations lend themselves to personalized student learning solutions.
But she says she is not sure anyone should lend college students so much money, even if they are willing to take it.
There are certain courses that lend themselves to online learning and might even have components that are simply recorded content.
Crazy narratives-that lend what is merely in you, and therefore soon-to-be-repeated, the fleeting illusion of logic and cause.
Similar episodes follow, and they lend the book a kind of giddy causelessness.
All that duality does not lend itself to a smooth narrative or an emotional crescendo.
That, in turn, made others more anxious: less willing to lend and more interested in holding onto their money.
While that approach may be comforting, it doesn't lend itself to viral levels of user adoption.
That's an interesting prediction that should lend itself to testing in the next few years.
Many preparations lend themselves to small, irregular cuts.
Lend-Lease represented a substantial credit expansion.
They are constrained by what bondholders are willing to lend them, and by what the populace is willing to let them borrow.
People price their homes by their monthly payment, and what the bank will lend them.
Time and again, they lend a hand to their neighbors and give back to their country.
But experimental types of treatment could soon lend a hand.
Bizarre modern case studies lend some support to this idea.
Some lend their trust easily, while others are more suspicious and distrustful.
Jane and he would have dinner together, and when he was broke she would lend him money.
Bright-red hibiscus and wild poinsettia lend a sweet, almost jasmine scent.
The trend consists of an increased willingness to lend and a rise in prices.
The misconception is that the value of the real estate is independent of the willingness to lend.
So you have to take into account the willingness to lend.
Thought of a war crime does not lend itself to euphemistic reduction.
Lenders often are reluctant to lend to new ventures and, if they do, require high interest rates.
He was a self-taught handyman and always willing to lend a hand.
It is taxpayers too who lend students the money to pay those fees.
At his bank, the local manager will use his own judgment in deciding whether to lend to people and businesses.
Meanwhile, they will want to keep cash to themselves rather than lend to others.
And in future they may be choosier about who they lend to, directly or indirectly.
Others use them to decide if they want to lend money to the company or not.
They simply didn't trust one another anymore and didn't want to lend to one another.
In others, they lend a hand to the local flora by eating plants and dribbling seeds around.

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