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Or their work and leisure activities might be more physically demanding, which promotes physical fitness.
People who are socially active or who engage in stimulating leisure activities experience a delay in mental decline.
The boys organized some of their own leisure activities.
In the unlimited leisure of the wilderness, discussion had been worn threadbare.
Slow and patient reading, by contrast, properly belongs to our leisure hours.
Almost instantly, students figured out that they could record lectures on their iPods and listen at their leisure.
The fierce carnivore tracks the wounded creature and dines at its leisure once the prey collapses.
The spider then crawls to the captured insect, and envelops it in a silk cocoon to eat at its leisure.
Even when you get home you probably won't want to spend more time doing the same sort of thing for leisure.
Soon other industries blossomed: leisure travel, restaurants relying on the transport of refrigerated food, professional sports.
They believed that by photographing people the artist could carry off their souls and devour them at his leisure moments.
With this formidable weapon did the composer of orchestral cathedrals spend his leisure moments.
It is a genius bound to leisure, and even to luxury, if luxury is measured in hours.
Leisure and hospitality, retail, and health care also improved moderately.
High-skill workers, given extra income, may choose to increase their leisure and savings rather than work extra hours.
Technological optimists sold the world on automation by telling people it would create unimaginable amounts of leisure for them.
Though the average hours at work have decreased in the last century, it doesn't necessarily follow that leisure has increased.
One of the less obvious may be the leisure to recruit a strong team of boffins.
Students have access to all the university facilities, including a full range of sports and leisure amenities.
Party officials argued that pious citizens had the right to affordable leisure space that did not offend their values.
Leisure and comfort only come to those who are efficient and capable.
Leisure travel is travel in which the primary motivation is to take a vacation from everyday life.
No, not in terms of being able to buy the amazing fermented, slightly sour grainy goodness at your leisure.
With this in mind, huge investment is being made to develop the city's hotel, leisure and recreational infrastructure.

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