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Example sentences for legitimately

For decades debate has simmered over whether chimpanzee behaviors can be legitimately called culture.
There is only one way safely and legitimately to reduce the cost of national security, and that is to reduce the need for it.
The first is that the patterns, if ill chosen, can legitimately appear in uninfected files.
Some of the letters are legitimately intelligent, some not so intelligent.
It doesn't matter what you believe in, the logic here cannot be denied legitimately.
It is eminently reasonable for law enforcement to check the legal status of anyone it legitimately arrests and incarcerates.
Yet, presumably, this non-profit is out to help the kind of homeowner who is legitimately struggling.
The tea party movement can legitimately take some credit for that.
Both sides can legitimately claim the mantle of protecting the environment.
We can legitimately demand this from the church power structure.
Only the department knows how many positions it can legitimately ask the dean for, as well as how many couples it can accommodate.
They rise of above that handicap the way one legitimately should--by doing first rate scholarship.
They may have been outvoted, or another candidate may have legitimately outscored you in some key required characteristic.
The for-profit model is fine as long as it comes by its profits legitimately.
Brave to pursue research that legitimately adds to the core of public knowledge.
Here you can legitimately push the client and sometimes it can get quite contentious.
He had the papers legitimately, he insisted, because he needed them for his work in the racing simulator.
Legitimately didn't understand where you were going with that.
Many of you seem legitimately offended over the subject matter, and blindly oppose views that contradict yours.
Here is a movie that might well have been helped had its three stars refused to act so legitimately.
Many operated legitimately, but some offered improbably low prices.
But many are legitimately concerned about the longer-term budget situation.
Even then, nobody knows quite how many of those votes were cast legitimately.
Expatriate employees of multinational firms are likely to manage their financial affairs offshore, completely legitimately.
Those who, legitimately, chose not to engage in labour struggle forfeited their rights to welfare payments.
What's bogus is the idea that a hedge fund manager's income can legitimately be considered capital gains.
But, it must legitimately fear that a tax increase may further contract private investment and consumption.
The ownership of a cargo can, quite legitimately, change hands several times in transit.
When you ask to do so, you are asking a favour, which might legitimately be refused.
The word might change meaning legitimately but the purpose of exegesis is to understand the original meaning.
It's not about the ads that flash up legitimately beside the results.
For instance, business is legitimately reluctant to hire people that smoke.
If a company were not profitable, the compensation would be more legitimately scrutinized.
Still, none of that is her fault if she legitimately didn't know about the fees.
Because some people are legitimately wondering if she is or not.
They argue that drug firms legitimately need the profits to finance research on new wonder drugs.
She wasn't lying or cheating--she might have been legitimately worried--but her worries turned out to be unnecessary.
And were your neighbor to have given you the exchange of e-mails, you could have legitimately made this a story.
Recognize credit repair scams and learn how to legitimately repair your credit free of charge.
Further, the agency legitimately explained its actions.
However, freezing your credit account may slow down the process of obtaining credit legitimately.
Therefore, people for whom the drug may have been legitimately prescribed may be tempted to sell their prescriptions for profit.
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