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While smaller colleges receive fewer government dollars, they still need to track relevant legislation.
Inevitably, any legislation providing government health insurance will have consequences in these areas, too.
Whatever stagnates in the flat of custom or obedience or legislation, the great poet never stagnates.
We have given the general legislature all the great subjects of legislation.
Our army needs complete reorganization,-not merely enlarging,-and the reorganization can only come as the result of legislation.
No previous climate-change legislation had come so far.
But the legislation has no master plan for dealing with the problem of soaring medical costs.
The reform legislation had banned such gifts, forcing donors to find new ways of influencing the political process.
It explains why reductions in ozone levels in some areas have lagged despite clean air legislation.
They simply disagree on the contents of that legislation.
Such changes can be made only through a multiyear regulatory process-or through legislation.
Comprehensive domestic partnership legislation has achieved legal rights virtually indistinguishable from marriage.
Federal firearms legislation is the epitome of the fox watching the henhouse.
The cap-and-trade program does not yet exist: it will need to be established in future legislation.
Changes in the legal deposit legislation are necessary to allow exceptions for memory organizations to archive video games.
The legislation needs to be tightened to protect intellectual property without hindering online speech and innovation.
Wise lawmakers know that it is a mistake to promulgate legislation that is impossible to obey.
Some of the lawyers who contributed to this legislation were immunizing themselves.
Environmental groups are demanding legislation that would ban deca-brominated diphenyl, too.
But rather, because this bill was something novel in the history of legislation.
But you can find other winners and losers in the legislation.
Some lawmakers were already saying they will immediately move legislation to block those automatic cuts to the defense budget.
First, online backlash brought down anti-piracy legislation.
Nearly all of them were incorporated into the legislation.
Of course, all of this is supposed to be taken into account as legislation is being drafted.
Thus, many health experts advocate legislation-for instance, a tax on junk food-that promotes healthy eating.
My concern is that legislation is more influenced by the perceptions than the realities of science.
And he is not the only senator to produce short-sighted profit-enhancing legislation having to do with factory foods.
Some externalities may be too small to justify the paperwork or legislation.
Please name one thing that is in this legislation which will actually reduce costs.
Three months is more than enough time to draft a responsible piece of legislation.
The first is an opt-out from social and employment legislation.
The legislation would allow mild procedures to be approved by an employer.
Certainly, there are things to quibble about in the proposed legislation.
New legislation to be put forward this month will try to remedy that.
Even climate-change legislation has fared better than that.
The investment-services directive, a particularly unsatisfactory piece of legislation, is being rewritten.
Now new legislation is pending that would make home schooling even harder.
The result is a state-heavy economy with excessive and contradictory legislation that is strangling the private sector.
Much the same is true of climate-change legislation, currently becalmed pending health-care reform.
Seldom has legislation received such high-profile backers from across such a broad ideological spectrum.
In any case, health legislation is currently stalled by a bitter political deadlock.
Nothing had happened to the country, or through further legislation, that cast any doubt on those decisions.
The page provides a compilation of key legislation affecting programs with commodity components.
Their efforts seemed to have blocked the legislation's movement.
Some measures will require follow-up legislation to be implemented.

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