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Example sentences for legion

If his enemies abroad are numerous, those at home are legion.
Faculty members who haven't read current scholarship in decades are legion.
The possible applications of an artificial nose are legion.
It is not absolute, of course, and permutations and deviations are legion.
Legion of extraordinary filthy beards with mild suicidal tendencies.
But it's also where the legendary mock-metalheads are parleying online video into a new legion of followers.
Clearly, a boundary-obliterating, ever-evolving legion of readers and writers of poems burgeons.
Moreover, the practical difficulties involved in a new law are legion.
Applicants with peer-reviewed publications are legion.
Postal rates were relatively cheap, but anecdotal accounts of lost letters are legion.
Spin-offs from the book, serious and less so, are legion.
The artistic problems for film composers are legion.
The source material is a best-selling series of books and a fan base that is legion.
It will immediately set your statement apart from those-and they are legion-that begin with a standard expository paragraph.
Where winter's never felt by that sweet airy legion.
But this explanation falters in the face of a legion of failing commercial deals.
The benefits are legion since medicines can be tailored to individual patients.
So as not to disappoint my legion of fans, here goes.
The disadvantages non-fiction writers must overcome are legion.
Her admirers have been legion from the moment she appeared on-screen.
In the case of this family, however, commentators and critics are legion and observe no restraint.
His records are legion, his legends many, his stories timeless.
The squirrels have been squeezed out, it's thought, by urbanization and a legion of natural predators.
But the name to latter ones is not a legion, that's for sure.
The failure to make even basic investments in foreign policy has been pervasive, and the examples are legion.
But even a quick brain, a legion of good advisers and the loftiest of intentions are no guarantee.
Prices are fixed, monopolies common and subsidies legion.
The scientific problems with the article are legion.
The reasons for this are legion, including his stance on evolution and global warming.
The conflicts of interest are legion, and extend across the entire academic spectrum.
The data supporting this are legion, and there are no phenomena that suggest any alternative.
So the only other alternative is he's playing his legion of followers as morons, which makes him manipulative and duplicitous.
Gun-rights advocates have demonized the agency as a dark legion of storm troopers who trample the rights of ordinary citizens.

Famous quotes containing the word legion

Not that success, for him, is sure, infallible. But never has he been afraid to reach. His lesions are legionmore
I have formed a strong theory that there is no such thing as "turning into" a Nasty Old Man or an Old Witch. I believe t... more
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