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The board is colorful, easily legible and has some reminders printed in the corners for easy reference.
It's not legible in the sense that you can read my name, but if you know it's me, it makes sense.
Some of the photos made the text difficult to read, but the fiercely protected ending was definitely legible.
Instead, it was used to see how many samples were legible.
The profile would make college degrees more legible to policy makers and employers.
Steps were always legible in outline and neat in execution.
Legible copies of college transcripts for bachelors and advanced degrees, if applicable.
The writing's been on the wall for a long time, but now it's totally legible.
But unlike many of his fellow travelers, he is less involved with useful objects than with legible signs.
Although the handwriting may require some deciphering, ink on paper remains legible for centuries.
We made some headway, but a few lines remained legible.
It's a tiring pleasure, best undertaken in short doses and organized in a legible framework.
People are writing less and less, and legible handwriting is becoming as rare as the quill pen.
Also, please make sure that your answers are both clear and legible.
The thing that annoys me is handwriting that is barely legible.
The result is not a palimpsest, because the original surface is still the more legible one.
The instructions have been copied so many times that they are barely legible.
Her handwriting in the letters reflects her upbringing: steady, straight, legible and neat.
If your signature was attractive and legible, it is also probably easily plagiarized.
These are searchable and permanent and legible, and all in one dang place.
Even now, writers of all ages catch fewer errors when proofreading their own work printed in legible fonts than in difficult ones.
Teaching people how to fight foreclosures may be symbolic, but it's not legible to the public.
Click on the thumbnails to view larger, more legible images.
In any case, make sure your resume is legible in the absence of these formatting features.
But the writing on the decorative mints is still legible.
But she dropped the task before all her notebooks were made legible.
They are not much to look at: a couple of scraps of ancient vegetable matter carrying a barely legible design.
Best use of time and energy is to go on to the next, more legible, page or site.
It takes too long for my fumbling thumbs to tap out a legible message.
If the receipt is not legible, click on remove to delete the receipt and use the instructions above to fax the receipt again.
Prescriptions written in cursive will no longer be considered legible.
If you filed the return and/or paid the tax, submit a copy of your return and a legible copy of each side of your cancelled check.
Before signing the voucher, the traveler is required to verify electronic images of the receipts are legible.
Click on the images to view larger, more legible pages of the letter.
All material submitted should be legible and specific.
Conversely, legible spelling test samples were scored with fewer errors than they actually contained.
The licensee is required to make legible copies of the license, and place one legible copy in each qualified motor vehicle.

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