legibility in a sentence

Example sentences for legibility

It may decrease legibility but it increases scan-ability.
The sheer legibility of the place would be achievement enough, given its size.
Legibility distance is affected by the characteristics of the sign design and the visual capabilities of drivers.
Letters are formed with a continuous stroke so there are few pencil lifts and better legibility.
The requirements for arrow panels specify minimum legibility distance and number of elements.
Transmittal must be typed or printed in order to ensure accuracy and legibility.
Minimize the extent to which handwriting legibility or computer printing bias judgments of writing quality.
Do not adjust opacity of logo, it inhibits legibility.
Consist of a removable device, if that device meets the identification and legibility requirements.
The legibility distance of the character depends on its height.
The use of word messages on signs in highway work areas raises sign legibility issues for older drivers.
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