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Example sentences for leggings

Two snaps at the tee's neck and a generous elastic waistband on these playful dinosaur leggings make dressing a breeze.
She's also looking to strengthen her company's foothold on the popular leggings market.
Her fur-trimmed boots in shades of gray were a delight, paired with tunics, dresses and cool sheer chiffon leggings.
Leggings are my answer to pajama pants during travel.
Leggings can be as casual as jeans, worn at home or on the weekend with an oversize shirt or big sweater.
Spandex pants, shorts, and leggings are not permitted alone.
The archer wears protective leggings and a double-layered tunic.
Spandex pants, shorts and leggings are not permitted alone.
Sometimes they wore buckskin leggings, but it was not common.
Consider wearing high boots or protective leggings while hiking.
Females wear beautiful head wraps and long, flowing skirts over satin leggings.
His cap is made from the skin of a wildcat, his hunting shirt and leggings of deerskin.
Left of the upper portion of the center panel is a standing figure visible only by way of his leggings and cuffs.
She knows tights and leggings are in, but how she puts them together is done in her own special way.

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