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Example sentences for legged

We even had some four-legged friends join in on the fun.
Not from humans but from our furry four legged neighbors.
It has a three-legged milking-stool design, and the round seat wobbles.
The urine of these stilt-legged canids is redolent of marijuana.
One response is to eat fewer of the two- and four-legged greenhouse gas factories known as animals.
But getting those four-legged weapons-hunters ready for war requires a ton of time and patience from a human trainer.
They are excessively ceremonious, and sit on the ground leaning backward on their heels, and cross-legged.
Must be comfortable around four-legged winners and two-legged losers.
People are still pushing into the room, filling the chairs and settling themselves cross-legged on the floor.
Say, for example, you invent a four-legged swivel chair.
There is a video about a two-legged dog walking upright.
It's one tiger vs one billion plus two legged sticks.
He does not exercise a long-backed or a long-legged quadruped in any particular manner.
Several local accommodations, large and small, will take two- and four-legged guests.
Honda, another company besotted with robot technology, plans to put its two-legged robots to serious work.
Let them sleep on the ground, along with all those six-legged creatures.
Your columnist legged it to the land of the tall corn to sit at their feet.
The spillover crowd is leaning against the walls and sitting cross-legged on the floor.
He sits cross-legged on the floor of his unfurnished sitting room, ignoring the constant ringing of his phone.
And in the lab, these five-legged spiders built shoddy webs.
And they found one-a mutation of a single gene, which seems to be responsible for the majority of short-legged dogs' stumpiness.
Though not yet patented, the frog is the first four-legged, see-through animal to be bred by scientists.
These long-legged canines have only four toes per foot, unlike other dogs, which have five toes on their forefeet.
There are specialty camps where two- and four-legged campers get to stay and play together.
They can also move quickly on the ground, which they do using a two-legged sideways hop.
Soon fish get feet and four-legged creatures stalk the planet.
He sat cross-legged on the floor inhaling heady fumes.
Sitting splay-legged, he used his helmet to fan his face.
She was sitting cross-legged in the chair next to her stretcher and greeted me with a cheerful, tobacco-beaten voice.
She was in his mind when he watched the contestants in the three-legged race hobbling over the meadow.
The farmer sat down cross-legged in the dust and said nothing.
Eight-legged molecule may be the strangest--and biggest--new quantum phenom on the block.
Two sat cross-legged and the third with its knees bent upwards.
Fly free, happy and far, far away from us two-legged creatures.
It is fat cigars, flashy suits, gold chains and long-legged floozies.
The valley's blistering heat is loved only by scorpions and scampering long-legged ants.

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