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Example sentences for legerdemain

Nobody writing today has his bag of literary tricks and can produce them with such effortless legerdemain.
Even in retrospect the outcome seems a bit of legerdemain.
The concept of a business model for open-source software is a contradictory feat of legerdemain.
The manner in which such properties are snapped up makes one think legerdemain is employed.
Either way, no amount of legerdemain will stop the computer mouse's inevitable scuttle down the long tail of oblivion.
The point is the raw materials, not a saucier's legerdemain.
He's done it with equal doses of courage and legerdemain.
She drew the shades, though not so completely as absolutely to forestall legerdemain.
But their accounting legerdemain typically has the desired effect for only brief periods.
But such changes are nothing more than the artist's legerdemain.
The piece is less a dialogue between soloist and ensemble than a feat of sonic legerdemain.
Nor was such acoustic legerdemain the evening's only astonishment.
It's a bit of legerdemain which preys upon preconceived notions and optimism.
The market, once blind to this legerdemain, is growing wiser.
Still, there is something darkly fascinating about those skilled in verbal legerdemain.
He does not use a lot of adjectives or artifice or legerdemain.
In essence, the defendant's brief embodies sophisticated legerdemain.
Plaintiff's linguistic legerdemain does not warrant a conclusion to the contrary.
However, the simplest way to view this financial legerdemain is to note the double-counting.
While it is neither inexorable nor inevitable, its likelihood cannot be ruled out by some legerdemain.
These are the kinds of legal legerdemain that they are dodging in terms of responsibilities.
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