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Over the years, other publications picked up the story, helping perpetuate the legend about the stone.
It was here, according to legend, that the story had begun.
May your wines be good, your legend lasting, and all alligators absent.
What happened before that time was a matter of legend and speculation.
He later blossoms into legend with the prize-winning fiction that gives the world the term cyberspace.
If given a choice, you'd probably want to be the guy after the guy who follows the legend.
It must have been a variant of the same urban legend.
While his books don't come with much scholarly apparatus, they have made him something of a legend among folklorists.
The outfit made him a legend in some eyes and a laughingstock in others.
Your name would become legend and in all likelihood word would spread of your horrible conduct beyond the university borders.
The ultimate suburban legend is that where you go to college determines your success in life.
Marines are the bravest of the brave or so their legend has it.
Web sites, meanwhile, were spreading the legend far beyond its traditional word-of-mouth audience.
Some versions of the legend say that he departed across the ocean, promising to return.
Legend has it that they observed an unofficial ceasefire while underground.
But the legend of the musk strawberry persisted among a few scientists and fruit connoisseurs.
But this summer's films appear to be interested in an even tighter braiding of comic-book-ish legend and our national mythos.
The so-called superstar effect was strongest among the top-ranked players who were directly competing against the golf legend.
In this case, though, the reality is more interesting than the legend.
Shagbark hickory syrup was the stuff of family legend.
Of course, when the city shut the place down it became even more of a legend.
It has become a legend, and few informed visitors with distinguished palates miss it.
The engineers were successful, transforming a potential disaster into a legend of effective teamwork.
According to urban legend, air pollution enhances the beauty of a sunset.
To sled dog mushers, he is a mini legend that simply needs no introduction.
In the absence of facts, a body of legend has grown, punctuated by secondhand and thirdhand accounts of varying accuracy.
Rabies: a possible explanation for the vampire legend.
Thoughts and illustrations from the head of a science legend.
Legend has it that such birds were once tried as the spirit-partners of witches.
He knows what becomes a legend most: the one who hauls the legend in.
But the evidential value of the legend was almost none.
The message was left shortly after last week's spring equinox, when this legend gets attention.
But then, there is this legend about how the first two brothers didn't get along and one killed the other.
It's not every day you get to chat with a real live rock legend-so let's get to it.
Serious historians may try to find the truth behind the legend.
When one legend writes about another, the result is bound to be explosive.
The legend sung in this carol probably dates from the fourteenth century.
Legend had it that he knew every state party chairman in the country.
Legend has it that the student's voice didn't recover for days.
Movies moved dinosaurs from the realm of science to that of legend, with art somewhere in the middle.
Fifth-hand rumors of the urban-legend variety swirl around him.
Fifty years later, it still does, even though the charge that the building upstages the art has become part of its legend.
It repeated as fact a legend about the origin of the name that is both outlandish and insulting.
Find a legend written about one of the constellations that is visible and read it while you are viewing the constellation.

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