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He spent millions, over twice he was legally obligated to in his contract with the city, and finally had to give up.
These things are proved, the first critically, the second legally and historically.
Its decisions have been patiently waited for, and accepted as legally conclusive by the general judgment of the public.
The process of change is often informal, but even legally it is quite facile.
It is legally flawed, economically dangerous and unnecessary.
They should make a legally binding commitment to buy a vaccine, if and when one is invented.
It means deregulating labour markets so that jobs can be created cheaply but legally for the workers who want them.
Much free television can already be watched legally on computers and mobile phones.
The company was legally required to use original artwork rather than stock images, she says.
They have typically done so by redefining economic and social rights as fundamental and legally enforceable.
She says he acquired his wealth legally, by judicious trading in gold, which began before he became president.
Legally, everything below the high-water mark is public property.
Farmers can now legally buy their own basic equipment such as shovels and boots, without having to wait for government handouts.
Special courts will be set up to settle land disputes: landholders will now have to prove they acquired their land legally.
Alternatively, it must resign itself to dead cod being discarded by its national fleet because they cannot legally be landed.
For example, you cannot legally hunt a deer that is swimming in a body of water.
However, you cannot legally hunt all animals at the refuge and must only pursue game in specified areas of the refuge.
Those who buy a general deer hunting license can also legally hunt bears and turkeys during the appropriate season.
If the deals are even already done, nobody's legally free to talk.
The second, he said, is to continue work on a legally binding climate commitment.
Furthermore, pure cocaine could be bought legally at retail stores.
Among the reasons for disappointment are that it is not a legally binding treaty.
First on the list was making industry reliability standards mandatory and legally enforceable.
And so the agency is legally bound to design and implement regulations.
But this process is abused, such that healthy people can improve their lung function legally.
However, many were not reported officially as it took money and extensive time to legally try and form a case.
What they didn't think about was the fact that those parties who did pay them can legally get their money back.
He could get his drugs legally because he could pay a doctor or doctors to prescribe whatever he asked for.
Yes procreation is a drive, but legally it is your right.
If the dog bites or attacks again, the owner is legally responsible.
If my colleague is willing to follow the law and chooses to carry a weapon legally and responsibly, go ahead.
As mutual funds now have to legally warn you, past performance is not a predictor of future performance.
In both cases, the content of their narratives became legally relevant.
Avoid or minimise multiple authorship unless legally obliged to do so.
But, those concepts were supported legally in previous generations.
Conservationists estimate that, for every animal killed legally in a hunting season, one animal is lost to poaching.
Whale meat from the hunts is then legally sold in markets.
Legally that's not supposed to occur, so clients should count the number of porters throughout the trip.
Corruption and illegal logging happen because demand outweighs the legally available supply of timber products.
While this resolution is not legally binding, much of the public was outraged that the whalers would patently disregard it.
Today no birds of paradise leave the island legally except for scientific use.
Dugongs are now legally protected throughout their range, but their populations are still in a tenuous state.
Alligators can be legally taken only by individuals with proper licenses and permits.
If after a week no one claimer her she would be legally ours.
The adult humans are legally responsible for the dog's care and behavior.
Legally the coins could fall into one of four categories of found property.
Tells about the fallout, both in human terms and legally, surrounding the research into her linguistic abilities.
People have to travel considerable distances-to forest burn areas, for example-to get it legally.
The bill is divided into two legally distinct divisions.
The truly discretionary spending in the budget is steadily squeezed because it is not legally required.
So freshly caught wild salmon is available legally for only a brief time each year.
It isn't as if doing so imposes an undue burden on criminals found to be here legally.
The agency is required by law to inspect and monitor kennels to ensure that the animals have been legally acquired.
And the tax credits, which were for investments, were legally due to any company that made similar investments.
For the government of a dominion to downgrade a governor-general was technically and legally impossible.
Usually the best time to reach a legally watertight genocide determination has been in a courtroom after the crime has occurred.
Cafe owners are held legally responsible for the material their patrons access.
And the system inspects only those communications that are legally authorized for interception.
Legally, full professors who wish can stay on with full salaries as long as they want.
Everybody does something illegal because it's impossible to live legally.
My treatment in that little conference room was legally questionable, as was the distribution of the humiliating pictures.
Obviously, no ivory should be sold, legally or illegally.
Legally obliged to meet these costs, the city can respond only by cutting elsewhere.
But you're not legally allowed to patent the actual, natural thing.
My dad is legally blind from wet macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.
But there is nothing legally binding to the names they decide to use.
Never in my wildest dreams thought that evolution and its various mechanisms will become legally mandated material in school.
As the news reports indicate, the gun used was purchased legally.
Legally, this ties the money to a limited use in perpetuity.
The right has not been taken from the parent, legally or otherwise.
But people don't usually steal things if they can obtain them legally.
Individuals must buy vehicle insurance to legally operate the machines.
Hunting is a privilege, and appreciating the sport as a privilege includes hunting ethically, as well as safely and legally.
Click on the neighborhood of your choice to find a listing of legally operating sidewalk caf├ęs in the area.
New web service to help drivers get back on the road legally.
The judge rejected the argument that the book was a parody, which would have been legally permissible.
It can be done legally or illegally, through personal effort or inheritance or marriage.

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