legalese in a sentence

Example sentences for legalese

These three images would be what is known in copyright legalese as derivative works.
And those package inserts are written in gibberish legalese, without any useful statistics.
The language is dense legalese, often containing double or triple negatives.
But such is life under judicial oligarchy, forcing the nation to speak legalese.
Under all the legalese is a fundamental clash of values.
The commission, in elaborate legalese on impressive parchment, was duly read.
The story also links to the formal store return requirements, if legalese is more your thing.
Its in such legalese that even a highly educated individual can't comprehend what the heck they're trying to tell you.
Plus, the use of legalese created more reliance on attorneys, leading to more time and expense wasted on a file.
Hopefully everyone wins, because the only ones who wanted fifty pages of legalese was the regulators.
What matters is effective communication, not legalese.
They challenge myths about legal writing and offer prescriptions for clearing up legalese.
Often those warnings and agreements come in fine print legalese.
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