legal tender in a sentence

Example sentences for legal tender

For starters, abolish legal tender laws and permit some combination of commodities to serve as money.
TV and computer screens were alight, airplanes were aloft and cash machines were dispensing legal tender.
Travelers checks can be used as legal tender at many businesses, and you will receive change in the local currency.
While it's all legal tender, it can be quite confusing.
To subtract part of the silver or gold by friction, but not to such an amount as to render the coin useless as a legal tender.
All currency with a serial number ending in that digit would no longer be legal tender.
The euro is legal tender at the island's main tourist resorts.
Defending cash as a legal tender is an incredibly important principle.
But a breakup of the euro means that the euro will no longer be honored as legal tender.
He wants to abolish laws on legal tender, so that investors can use whatever currency they want.
Next year, a few weeks after euro notes are introduced, notes in the old currencies will no longer be legal tender.
Northern will continue to pay its obligations in current legal tender, rather than in gold coin of the relevant period.
More than half of a dollar bill is considered legal tender.
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