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The world has outrun the courts, and legal technicalities have outlived their usefulness.
There is legal precedent that could work against the officers in this instance.
The legal business has undergone not only recession but also structural change.
He will definitely be trying to find personal loans to get legal advice if accusations of fraud are to continue.
What is legal is not necessarily what is moral or what is fair.
The legal tussle, which appears to be headed to trial, is getting ugly.
Such a rule might encourage employers not to hire at all, for fear of legal action.
Fossil collecting on private land, with the permission of the landowner, is legal.
Even though the company decided to print a date on the package, a judge dismissed the date as not having any legal worth.
Dear music industry: legal trickiness may help you win cases, buy plays out in a larger moral context outside the courtroom.
There are no clear precedents, so you've got to figure out how to search for relevant concepts in a legal database.
The legal commitment in marriage is entirely one sided.
However, the legal precedent created by not needing to disclose how our food is made is extremely dangerous.
These tales have spawned legal battles, comics-page yarns, and endless dinner-table diversion.
The company that owns the file-sharing software is embroiled in legal battles all over the world.
The family sees little resolution of its troubles, except through the legal system.
After two years it looked as if he might have to face a decade or so of legal thumb-twiddling.
It was ill-fated legal jockeying to skirt the immunity legislation.
For one thing, the current mission is indisputably legal.
Courts have historically been impressed with the legal testimony of experts simply because of their credentials.
Even if financial obstacles are overcome, a legal challenge looms.
In reality, our legal system usually leaves us wiggle room.
As all peacekeeping troops enjoy absolute legal immunity, the host country cannot do anything either.
Design and deliver training to clients to reinforce best practices and legal compliance.
As could be expected, university policies that deny students access to prescribed marijuana can draw legal challenges.
The aim is to avoid long and difficult legal arguments over who was the first to come up with an idea.
What she actually needs is urgent, specialist legal advice.
Have students compare the legal status, land claims, and sovereignty of indigenous peoples in various countries.
Once a book's copyright has expired, it's free and legal to download.
Some landowners feel this provision violates their legal rights.
Khan has succeeded in stopping the elephant relocation through legal means.
As robots do more on their own, they continue to raise a host of ethical and legal issues.
Building green can open the door to plenty of legal pitfalls, a new study warns.
Deb discovers that while she now craves doughnuts and cheese dip, her mind also savors a complicated and compelling legal case.
Broadband providers must not block users from sending legal content on the net.
Legal technical words are given their legal technical meaning while ordinary words are given their ordinary meaning.
The legal conceit that companies are natural persons is vital to capitalism.
However, sticklers for secrecy may not be able to blind the public with legal science for much longer.
They receive milder prison sentences and higher damages in simulated legal proceedings.
Few people register because the legal period for doing so is short and comes many months before elections.
In the service of the empress, this inept chauffeur faced no legal.
It has also led to criticism of a legal system seen to treat private citizens far more harshly than errant officials.
And the weakness of the legal system means that companies operate in a confusing half-light.
In the service of the empress, this inept chauffeur faced no legal sanction for the mishap.
But many of the exotic animals are perfectly legal to bring into the country.
Use persuasion, incentives, and legal enforcement as needed.
Six patients improved so much they no longer met the criteria for legal blindness.
But at the moment there is no legal obligation for manufacturers to list it in their ingredients.
The question of free will versus determinism has profound legal and moral implications.
We know plastic is incredibly harmful to the environment and it continues to be legal to make things with plastic.
And its legal, completely legal in our government system.
By legal definitions, genome with a gene that could not have been incorporated by hybridization can be patented.
Free will as a legal responsibility is also a political concept.
And instead of putting a value on water, it gets into all sorts of convoluted legal and environmental tangles.
Paralegals are essentially a fancy combination of a legal secretary and a filing clerk.
For example, a contract might only be consider legal as long as it continues to be fair to both parties long after it was written.
Other lawyers have proposed even more grounds for legal trouble.
Most legal matters are settled by the lawyers arguing back and forth.
And in so doing gave legal and political cover for all that has come since.
Many political and legal reporters build their careers reporting in such a fashion.
We profoundly believe that the world does not need legal bottom-feeders.
Changes in the legal deposit legislation are necessary to allow exceptions for memory organizations to archive video games.
Apple is involved in legal complaints relating to patent infringement.
Sure, there are staggering legal fees and the risk of a company imploding.
We now have a legal system that gives everyone standing to suit.
Ethical and legal aspects and other factors are also needed.
Most agreed that many approaches-legal, technological, and financial-will be necessary.
In the years since, he has become a role model for the legal profession.
The process evolved this way as a response to a political, not a legal, problem.
He is sitting behind his desk, hunched over a legal pad, writing something.
He had previously denied this, he said, to stay out of legal trouble.
Notice how the one missing item from the list was legal and illegal immigration.
One writer will say all things should be legal, and another writer says differently.
In her view the definition of torture is essentially a legal matter, which will turn on a particular set of facts.
Together, they would tailor the laws to fit their immediate legal needs.
Both had to brace themselves for a tumultuous period of financial and legal woes.
So governors appoint pardons boards and meet with legal counselors, who take the political heat for controversial cases.
Immigrants in civil detention actually have fewer legal rights than their criminal counterparts.
Corporations, which are only artificial legal inventions, cannot.
It raises a large and complex set of financial, legal, and technical issues.
Even after legal accusation and torture, many died protesting their innocence.
Click here to access campaign finance legal resources.
Our lawyers work in virtually every area of legal practice.
The legal argument prosecutors rely on in police video cases is thin.
It's a shift that stretches past personal convictions and into legal constraints.
We feel that getting involved with her legal problems and living situations is enabling her.
But with his success came controversy and legal troubles that marred his legacy.
Much of the legal challenge was finding out who had been defaming her.

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