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IT is certain the law does not allow a corporate city to inherit any estate by will, or to receive a legacy.
She died whilst she was engaged in the work of arranging her poems for press, so that they are in the truest sense her legacy.
It is this idea of universality that is the true legacy of the scientific revolution.
How wonderful to have a legacy so linked to the idea of freedom.
Discovery, the oldest working shuttle in the fleet, has a rich and somewhat poignant legacy.
Its originality and striking beauty should inspire us to revisit his achievement and his legacy.
For a start-up with a legacy, there is no blank slate.
Overseeing the legacy of a disgraced president could hardly be dull work.
Of course, a legacy of evolution is that modern humans often gain too much weight.
The long-gone ancestor is known as the founder of this population, and his or her genetic legacy is called a founder mutation.
The legacy of championship racers and show horses could conceivably live on forever if reproducible copies are indeed feasible.
Glad to hear the legacy still carries on and shared with the world.
Visitors meet people who lived courageous lives and left a legacy of resilience and determination.
He also was methodical about safeguarding his legacy.
Legacy businesses who still rely on subsidies should be permitted to die if they are not solvent by now.
Bush's refusal to do so has come at an unimaginably high cost, which will include his own legacy.
The stubborn ideological legacy that, in part, blocks such a transformation runs deep.
Turning around that legacy will be the steepest challenge for whoever or whatever is to come next.
Until recently, it was a legacy that the genre couldn't shake.
Patrimonial capitalism's legacy is that many people see reform as a euphemism for corruption and self-dealing.
It's unclear how long animals would suffer from the urban legacy of concentrated heavy metals.
He had confronted an unknown genetic legacy and a self-destructive drug habit, and he was lucky to be alive.
It, too, left an important legacy-the realization that tall buildings had to be designed and built differently.
Her story was all the more credible because the legacy of war was ever-present.
But no crisis, especially one of this severity, recedes without leaving a legacy.
The toys don't make the music, or leave the legacy, the performer does.
Such veterans also act as recruiters and gatekeepers, as protectors of the legacy.
Such a modest volume was a fitting, elegant gesture, even while it omitted reference to many of the works her legacy comprises.
But with his success came controversy and legal troubles that marred his legacy.

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