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Example sentences for ledge

The year in college where my bed was a mattress on a ledge in a window nook in a finished attic.
The startled would-be suicide laughed and crawled back from his window ledge.
He climbed out on a third floor ledge and refused to come back inside.
There were piles of bodies, all in pieces, covering the ledge.
There's a reason that crowds gather when a potential jumper appears on a ledge.
We were standing on a ledge that dropped about five or six feet and created huge splashes.
But it is also a crack in the heart-a tightrope, a brink, a ledge.
Eat-in spaces can also be situated on an island or the ledge surrounding the cooktop or sink.
Soon our adventurer, perched on a ledge with nothing below but air, realizes he's stuck.
But the bias also protects and inspires us: it keeps us moving forward rather than to the nearest high-rise ledge.
Kayaking down a ledge, my boat became stuck on a rusted shopping cart lurking in the water, and it took me a while to get free.

Famous quotes containing the word ledge

Summer involves going down as a steep flight of steps To a narrow ledge over the water. Is this it, then, T... more
Often beneath the wave, wide from this ledge The dice of drowned men's bones he saw bequeath An embassy.... more
Four or five whippoorwills Have come down from their native ledge To the open country edge To give us a pie... more
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