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Its paths led to sculpture gardens and satellite patios tucked beneath shade trees.
Offering the boys gifts of ribbon, he eased their fears and was soon led to the settlement of tepees.
She led the day's ceremony as a gesture of reconciliation.
The stress he laid on experience in the growth of mind led him to magnify, perhaps overmuch, the power of education.
In this, he draws a picture of the life led by himself and his friend.
The gene-based research suggests that the emergence of these organisms may have led to major climate and animal evolution events.
Furthermore, this neural response was graded, so that happy faces led to more activation than neutral faces.
Yet this genetic fact has led to some divergent conclusions.
In earlier centuries, claims of witchcraft may have led to a witch-hunt.
When that action led to failure, the inhibitory areas put an immediate stop to the mental simulation.
How greed, incompetence, and neglect led to bad decisions.
The budget-induced elimination of some journals hasn't left faculty furious or led to penalties from publishers, librarians say.
The outrage led to a new election and the formation of a shaky pro-Western coalition government.
In the past the state reacted by confiscating dishes on rooftops, which led merely to fresh orders.
Its efforts to fight corruption and reform the judicial system led to abuses of power, not cleaner government.
First, it's a stark and mesmerizing intro to life in a cult led by a supposed time traveler.
His success at stemming elephant poaching, he believes, may have led someone to sabotage his plane.
Someone or something had led me to these quarters and would not be denied.
Paper is the traditional gift for first anniversaries, which led us to wonder about the relationship between food and paper.
But let me tell you of my own experience and what led me to my career.
Magazine ad revenue rose for the first time since before the recession last year, led by auto ads.
And he is in this led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention.
Yale was happy to read this writing on the wall, and the series led the way toward embodying spirituality in poetry.
These advances have led to cheaper, smaller, more portable cameras that can produce vivid images.
The company's techniques for reproducing the enzyme have already led to a significant drop in enzyme production costs.
Scientists decode a critical gene that may have led to the evolution of our big brains.
Unfortunately, there are few such studies, and those that exist have led to conflicting results.
Such mutations could have helped accelerate the evolutionary changes that eventually led to the arrival of humans.
Ethical and personal considerations have led some people to a stalemate.
The monitoring led to the discovery of substantial amounts of cocaine.
Such nationalist claims have led to further misconceptions.
She led us stumbling across a number of broken tombs, holding a large key that in my memory seems almost a foot long.
The problem was compounded by the fact that he led an exceptionally full and varied life.
Her life has been largely devoted to her father's memory, despite the crumbling of the party which he led.
Diamond makes clear that both authoritarian and participatory systems have led historically to sustainable ends, or to collapse.
Rarely has so eventful a life been led by so colorless a figure.
Instructor-led, face-to-face trainings are held in cities across the country.
He led a public campaign against the plant for four decades, but by the time he finished more people were smoking it than ever.
And one thing led to another, and soon pots and pans were flying.

Famous quotes containing the word led

Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.... more
Then the devil led him up and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world.... more
Learning keeps one from being led astray.... more
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